About Us

We are educationalists aiming to redefine the way of learning in India by creating assessments based on our extensive research. Like gardeners, who prepare the best hybrid seeds with desired quality contents and we later on distribute this seeds of wisdom in the form of unique test series.

Since 2004, Career Lift is focusing on learning by testing. It is said that in a classroom the lesson is taught first and then test is taken but in real life we face the test first and then learn lessons from it. We follow the pattern of life. Our test series expose students to various objectives. We provide explanations not only for the right option but also for other given options to add color and depth to their knowledge.

We provide test packages for CACPT (in English medium), CS Foundation (in English medium), CLAT (in English medium), CMAT (in English medium), NTSE (in English medium) and Banking PO and Clerical (in English as well as Hindi medium). As we have realized that 60% of students appearing for banking exams belong to Hindi medium. In addition to this our banking study material also helps them to prepare for their SSC and their Railway exams. Your convenience is our motto.

We are aware of the fact that students have to continuously combat their way out with untrained faculty, poor infrastructure or outdated curricular which fails to serve sufficient meat to satisfy their competitive taste buds. And they have to compromise with the quality and quantity of the study material also. So we aim to provide good quality and affordable competitive test papers where the aspirants can weigh up their knowledge.

Online examination is the current scenario for conducting most of the competitive examinations today. We offer test paper which includes both online as well as offline test packages. Our online tests series will give the aspirants the exact feel of the examination. Unquestionably, it will also assist students to immediately get the results and feedback. Our offline test papers will help our students to practice for the competitive exam at their own pace.

We have a dedicated team with us, who continuously upgrades the test preparation material. We are fervently using our expertise knowledge to provide innovative and effective test series that will help you in getting the maximum value out of your competitive test preparation time and discover our dedication to quality and fairness. These tests allow you to compare your scores with those of other test-takers to whom you are concerned. In order to give you the picture of our hard slog, you can go for our:

  • Free Online Demo Test
  • Offline Test

The company's comprehensive education platform combines mastery-based learning principles with, interactive content in test series, offering students a unique online and offline learning experience.