CA: One of the best careers in commerce!


Chartered Accountancy (CA) is among the most coveted career choices for students pursuing commerce. Accountancy forms the core of any form of business. Any business, be it small or big requires the services of a CA for filing taxes, for auditing, maintaining accounts etc. Students who wish to pursue chartered accountancy course must rest assured that career prospects after completing the same would be highly rewarding.

A CA aspirant has to go through a rigorous study and training schedule.

How to take the CA road?

  • Students who wish to pursue Chartered Accountancy course have to first appear for Common Proficiency Test (CPT), which is basically an entry – level exam aimed to test a candidate’s aptitude. Students can appear for CPT anytime after their class X exam.
  • After completing class XII exams and CPT, aspirants are then required to enroll for Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) and also simultaneously complete a nine-month study course.
  • After successfully clearing IPCC and the necessary training, the aspirants have to then register and practise as an articled assistant for 3 years.
  • During the last year of their training students have to undergo a compulsory 15-days General Management and Communication Skills (GMCS) course.
  • CA aspirants are then eligible to appear for their final examination during the last six months of their training.

Job prospects for CAs in India

Students with Chartered Accountancy qualification and who have been registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) create for themselves several job prospects. Some of them are-

Auditors: Professional chartered accountants may be appointed as auditors in companies to check their accounts. Auditors are much respected and offered attractive pay packets by the companies.

Corporate Caretakers: Chartered Accountants are also needed by companies as corporate caretakers who have the responsibility to advise on business investments, taxation, tax exemption etc.

Consultants: Apart from getting appointed as chartered accountants, they are often hired by the company as Tax and Accounts Consultants. They can work in more than one company at a time as a consultant. Consultancy involves financial accounting which includes operating accounts, supervising, controlling and organizing income and expenditure and coping with taxes.

Corporate Advisors: Companies needs CAs for project planning, tax benefits, financial matters, amalgamation and business advice.


A CA after completing his entire course and related training can join the industry and draw remunerations ranging between INR 4,00,000 to 25,00,000 per annum. They can also work as private practitioners and auditors and earn as much as they wish.

CA: One of the best careers in commerce!
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Chartered Accountancy (CA) is among the most coveted career ch

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