Career Opportunities after pursuing MBA in Finance


A career in finance is often perceived as a job that usually entails back office book keeping, managing day to day company accounts etc. However this job has now undergone tremendous changes and as a result become more challenging and interesting. A most common assumption is that most of the students opt for finance as a specialisation while studying MBA because they consider a job in finance the most well paid one.

For all those students who wish to make a career in finance, here is a list of all possible career options in available in finance:

Private equity - The basic job of a finance personnel working in a private equity is to raise money from the investors so as to invest into various other businesses.

Investment banking - The role of an investment banker is to perform the advisory function while mergers and acquisitions. Also investment bankers help raise finances by way of IPO, institutional offerings etc

Fund Management - A fund managers manages the money of client invested in the secondary market such as stocks, mutual funds, debt market etc. Along with managing, a fund manager also takes crucial decisions with respect to investing the same.

Financial Risk Management - This particular area in finance involves using hedge to minimise the credit and market risks.

Corporate Banking - A finance professional also has the option to work in the corporate banking sector where they provide banking services to large corporate and MSME

Apart from the above mentioned profiles wealth management, retail banking, project financing, debt syndication are the other available career option in the finance area.

Career Opportunities after pursuing MBA in Finance
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A career in finance is often perceived as a job tha

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