Career Opportunities in the field of Marketing


Pursuing a career in marketing after completing MBA can take the aspirant in various different directions. Marketing as profession has various different facets with each being diagonally different from each other. Marketing as a field has the maximum number of job opportunities in the management. It is important that the marketing aspirant must choose the most suitable opportunity for themselves.

Here is a list of possible career opportunities in the field of marketing:

Brand Manager – A brand manager is responsible for making the product a brand and giving it a unique identity. A brand manager undertakes all those strategic decisions and actions to ensure that the product has a distinct and recognisable identity in the market.

Advertising Manager – An advertising manager is responsible for overseeing all the advertising plan and communication for the company. An advertising manager determines the advertising objectives, creates a creative plan, prepares the media matrix and ensures that the advertisements get rolling for the pre - decided period.

Market Researcher – A market researcher undertakes all the research related activities for the product that helps in deciding the target market segmentation, the positioning statement etc. Marketing research is the starting point of all the marketing actions of an organisation.

New Product Development (NPD) Manager – A NPD manager works on both the depth and breadth of the product matrix.

Public Relations Manager – Maintaining healthy relations with the entire stake holder and subtly promoting by getting favourable articles published using their relations with the journalists and media relations is the prime work of public relation personnel.

Apart from the above mentioned fields strategic pricing, category management, market strategy & planning, market research & analysis, market segmentation, digital and social marketing, professional selling, merchandising etc are the other possible career avenues in the area marketing.


Career Opportunities in the field of Marketing
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Pursuing a career in marketing after completing MBA

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