Career Prospects for Operations Managers


The best of the organisation and management systems will fail if they lack in operations and logistics management. Operations management basically talks about the back-end efficiency. The entire industrial and manufacturing scenario has undergone tremendous changes in the recent few years. The focus is now on providing the best possible quality product coupled with the fasted delivery system. As a result a major reshuffling has happened in the productions and distribution systems in order to suit the demands of the consumers. The need of the time is to develop new supply chains and logistics and operations managers.

The role of Operations Managers

Operations and logistic manager works on identifying, developing, documenting and putting in to practice innovative approaches that enhances manufacturing and supply chain management. While arriving at these innovative approaches, a study of various best practices and models is also undertaken by the operations manager. The role of an operations manager also includes:

  • Enterprise resource planning
  • The latest entrant i.e. e-commerce
  • Production planning
  • Production control
  • Project management etc.

Career Prospects

As an operations manager, he / she can work in the area of planning and formulation of policies, inventory control, product development etc. An operations & logistics manager can also specialise in the area of supply chain management and work towards forecasting and strategic planning. Supply chain managers also get to hire and train employees and prepare overall operations budget.


A fresher in the field of operations might get anything between 4-10 lakhs per annum depending on the organisation and work profile.

Career Prospects for Operations Managers
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The best of the organisation and management systems

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