Commercial Liasoning: An under-rated CS branch!


An important task for work profile of an ICSI company secretary in an organisation is that of Commercial Liasoning. Commercial liasoning managers are also known as commercial managers who shoulder the very important work of providing liasoning solutions to their company. As a commercial liasoning manager, one needs to ensure that there is perfect coordination and communication between the company and its partners. These liasoning managers also undertake the supervisory function to ensure that there is perfect co-operation between both the ends and there is a smooth flow of work.

Key skills required for a Commercial Liasoning Manager

  • A commercial liasoning manager must possess extremely good communication skills
  • Since the process requires constant negotiations, strong negotiation skills are also imperative
  • Independently handling jobs is one of the realities of this profession. Hence, a liason manager must be able to achieve solutions by working independently with minimal guidance from others
  • Since the work profile might also entail legal liasoning, as a result a commercial liasoning manager must regularly brush up his/her legal knowledge of the corporate and related laws that he/she had studied while pursuing their CS course
  • Being able to pre-empt the future need or a problem, the commercial liason manager must be proactive in taking stock of the situating and ensure timely action

Above stated are just a few basic requirements of this job profile. However, the role of a commercial liaisoning manager gets modified from organisation to organisation and their position in the hierarchy.

Role of a CS as a Liasoning Manager

The word liason stands for a link or a communication between two entities especially in a corporate setting.  A company secretary is prepared and has the desired knowledge to link corporate entities for mutual benefit. Thus, a company secretary has an option of working as a Commercial Liasoning Manager. A person with a CS degree in India can specialize in providing liasoning solutions to companies.

As a Liasoning Manager, a CS communicates with various agencies and companies in order to get the best business deals. He may be employed by a company to take care of say, legal matters, while working as a legal consultant in another firm who he is representing in the employer company.

As a Liasoning Manager, a company secretary is responsible for co-operation and communication between two companies, firms or agencies as an official go-between among the top-ranking officials of each organization.

As a LiasonManager, a CS also has supervisory responsibility for his particular organization usually giving him authority to order the changes necessary to ensure that the two organizations complete a given task.

Why should a CS opt for Liason Management?

A company secretary who has been registered with the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) can specialize in Liason Management by his skills and experience. Here are the reasons why this is a challenging career-

  • A company secretary gets to go places as he is a single-most link between two ore more companies, agencies or firms.
  • This is a more respected job as he acts as a spokesperson for the officials of both the companies. Both the boards depend upon him for the implementation and finishing of the task.
  • A company secretary gets a better exposure as Liason Manager since he interacts with people of various agencies and co-ordinates with them.
  • There are ample opportunities to prove his/her niche and learn and add to skills in the process.
Commercial Liasoning: An under-rated CS branch!
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An important task for work profile of an ICSI compa

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