Corporate and Legal Affairs: A lucrative CS career!


After completing a company secretary course from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), a very lucrative career choice for an ICSI Company Secretary (CS) is that of jobs in corporate & legal affairs department. With company and legal regulations getting more stringent each day and more multinational corporations emerging, the need of professionals who specialise in handling such areas is very critical. As a result, company secretaries who specifically study corporate law and its related areas as a compulsory part of the course work are apt for vacancies in such department.

What does a CS do in corporate and legal affairs?

Since company secretaries are candidates who have studied the Companies Law and various acts associated, they are equipped to handle any kind of regulatory affairs. A company secretary who is well-versed with laws and regulations can opt specifically to make a career as a Corporate and Legal Affairs executive in a company. A company secretary in this capacity, does the following-

  • Formulating & implementing strategies to safeguard the company in case there is a litigation or a dispute
  • Formulating & implementing strategies to protect company’s intellectual property rights such as trademarks, logo etc
  • Regularly providing the advice to the marketing and other related departments with respect to issues such as product labelling, claims etc.
  • Regularly undertaking audits to ensure that there is legal compliance in all actions of the organisation
  • Liaisoning with other internal and external departments to promote company’s interest

What skills does a CS need?

  • Proficiency in oral and written communication in English
  • Ability to work under pressure against strict deadlines
  • Extremely strong negotiation skills
  • Good networking skills with government authorities, opinion makers, shareholders & other stakeholders
  • Excellent legal skills to speed up the work process
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Business acumen

The ICSI recently released that the number of candidates sitting for CS exam every year must increase as there are many areas in India that require the services of a company secretary. Corporate and Legal Affairs department is one of the more emerging fields in company secretary career and those wishing to pursue it would find themselves leading the trends in the years to come. 

Corporate and Legal Affairs: A lucrative CS career!
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