Corporate Banking: The new-age banking career


Corporate banking is a new-age banking career option. It is a broad term that is used for a wide range of banking services that are offered to individual & institutional clients, big corporate houses, government organisations etc. Corporate banking usually encompasses providing banking assistance to clients whose net worth is relatively high. Unlike retail banking, corporate banking operations only deal with clients who have substantial turnover often amounting to lakhs and crores of rupees.

What it takes to be in this industry?

Problem solving ability– For all those who aspire to be corporate bankers, it is imperative for them to be very quick and efficient at solving problems. They must be prompt at addressing the concerns of their client as a lot is always at stake.

Good with numbers– Corporate banking aspirants must be good at numeracy in order to be able to provide their clients with quick profit solutions.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills– Since the corporate bankers deal with big corporations and high-worth clients, it is important for them to possess impeccable communication skills.

Negotiation skills– Being able to negotiate on various matters is an important skill any banking personnel must possess.

Attention for detail– Since a lot of money and high net-worth clients are involved, there is no room error.   

Educational qualifications required

A graduate from any field can apply for a job. However, graduates with specialisation in the areas of commerce, economics etc are given a preference. Also MBAs from top colleges are the most sought after candidates for recruitment.

Corporate Banking today is an ambitious career that gives young and dynamic minds an opportunity to get a corporate exposure and do something out-of-the-box in banking. It gives aspirants several opportunities to interact with top-notch officials of big business houses and learn from their experience apart from serving them.

Corporate Banking: The new-age banking career
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Corporate banking is a new-age banking career optio

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