CS as a career: The roadmap!


Company Secretary career in India is one area where there is an acute gap between demand of qualified people and their supply. Every year about 2,000 students take the CS exam. However, this is not enough to meet the growing demand.

ICSI Company Secretary: What does he do? 

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India registers company secretaries and conducts the CS exam in India. But what does a company secretary do? The very fact that a company secretary is a bridge between the company and its board of directors, the role of ICSI CS is very critical. The various responsibilities that a ICSI company secretary undertakes are as follows:

  • Formulating policies for the company
  • Managing the corporate legal affairs of the company
  • Overseeing corporate governance
  • Managing corporate compliance and corporate governance
  • Overseeing mergers & acquisitions
  • Liaisoning & negotiation

Scope of ICSI Company Secretary (CS) in the current scenario

According to the Companies Act 1956, for any company that has a paid-up share capital of Rs 2 crores, it is mandatory for that company to appoint a company secretary on a full time basis. As a result the employment prospectives for company secretary is growing each day.

Some of the roles assumed by a company secretary in India are-

Supporting executive: A company secretary has to brief the board of directors about different aspects and functions of business. He ensures that the decisions taken by the board are implemented.

Legal advisor: Company secretaries have the requisite knowledge of acts such as the Companies Act and hence they are equipped to offer legal advice to companies.

Corporate policymaker: Since they already work in close connection with board of directors, they play a key role in making long and short-term corporate policies.

Principal Secretary: Under this capacity, they are required to manage all the aspects of corporate meetings like annual general meetings, board meetings, client and vendor meetings, meetings with public and private delegations etc.

Consultant: As a legal consultant, company secretaries help various individuals in different positions in the company in the implementation of statutory regulations as required by various acts and laws.

Governance official: A company secretary looks after the general governance of a company. The CS executive is aware about meetings, voting procedures and other administrative aspects of the business.

Study route for aspiring ICSI Company Secretary (CS)

For students who wish to pursue ICSI company secretary, they can start pursuing the foundation course from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) after passing their class 12th exams. After students complete their mandatory foundation course, they have to successfully complete the executive program i.e. the intermediate course and then the final stage i.e. the professional program. Students can also complete their graduation, post graduation etc and seek a direct admission in the intermediary stage for CS by ICSI.

CS as a career: The roadmap!
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Company Secretary career in India is one area where there is an acute gap between dem

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