How to crack IBPS exam?


Are you getting worked up about the upcoming IBPS exam, but perplexed how to crack it? Don’t get intimidated by the quantum of syllabus that still remains uncovered! It is time to adopt a positive approach and get cracking with the syllabus. Rather than wasting time mulling over thoughts such as ‘I wish I had started preparing a little early’ or ‘I should have been serious about IBPS CWE right from the first moment’ etc, it is time to do it now. With whatever time remaining now is the time to make the most of it.

Here are a few steps that will surely help you plan and prepare for your IBPS CWE exam in a better manner.

Step I – Set your own daily targets

Rather than aiming for unreasonable targets, divide your syllabus in to smaller portions. Prepare daily and weekly targets and work towards achieving them. Prepare a detailed IBPS study schedule in order to make your studies more structured and smooth. Ensure that your study schedule incorporates adequate time for all the areas i.e. quant, reasoning, english language, general awareness and computers.

Allot maximum time for the areas you are relatively weak in and lesser time for subjects you are comfortable with. Along with organising your studies, a detailed study schedule will help channelize your energies in the direction you require the most. In order to see that your study schedule is an ideal one, ensure that it must be flexible, very specific, realistic and must include essential breaks.

Step II – Putting plans to actions

After preparing the study schedule and setting daily targets, now comes the time to actually start studying. Since there is nothing much to actually learn in quant and reasoning, try to practise as much as possible. The key is to stick to your schedule and religiously adhere to it. Do not forget to refer to our section on English to ensure that you score high in IBPS CWE.

Step III – Take mock tests on our website!

Once through with preparing for CWE, take the mock tests that are available at our website to assess your preparation levels. The mock tests are available for both section-wise and full length tests. These tests are geared to help you gauge your understanding and practice for each section and exam as a whole. The comprehensive report will help you identify the areas that need urgent review and will provide you with study material and additional tests to solidify your learning.

After taking the additional mock tests, now comes the time to get on to the revision. Prepare flash cards for quick revision sessions before the CWE. With key formulae, it is easy to refer tips for the English section, news updates etc, these flash cards can come in handy for quick revision sessions.

All the best !

How to crack IBPS exam?
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Are you getting worked up about the upcoming IBPS exam, but perplexed how to cra

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