Investment Banking: The new-age banking career!


Investment Banking

Investment banking as a career is quite a rage these days among the new age group aspirants. Unlike what the name suggests, investment banking has nothing to do with the usual banking procedures. Investment banking is an altogether different ball game. Investment banking is a multi facet practice that involves activities such as mobilising funds to developed and developing economies, structuring financial transactions for private and public companies etc.

Decoding the job of a Investment Banker

The job of an investment banker entails offering consultancy while buying funds to ensure increased profits for his client companies. The investment banker provides timely financial advisory services to companies, manages their assets, underwrites, sells and trade securities i.e. stocks, bonds, etc for the client company. An investment banker identifies capital raising opportunities and helps its clients raise funds by way of equity i.e. stocks, debts, merger & acquisitions and lots more. An investment banker is basically an intermediary between potential investors and organisations who seek funds.

Do You Have What It Takes?
There are several specialized skills that you need as an investment banker. Such as-

  • The ability to provide valuation estimations (and logically back up those calculations)
  • Work stamina
  • Mental and emotional horsepower
  • Personal interaction skills

The field opens its doors to graduates of many degrees, and a mastery of finance and accounting (whether learned through academia or by self study) continues to be a dominant differentiator due to the numerous valuation calculations that are performed. Critical thinking skills are supremely important, as an investment bank's services extend to appraising entire entities for a pending merger, acquisition or corporate restructuring.

Educational qualification required to be an investment banker

For students who aspire for a career in investment banking can enter the industry at various stages. Investment banking firms usually recruit chartered accountants and students from top MBA colleges such as IIMs.

Also there are various diploma and short term courses that are available for students who wish to make a career in investment banking. Top colleges that offer a program in investment banking are as follows:

  • The Society of Certified Investment Bankers, Hyderabad
  • Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University (ICFAI), Tripura
  • Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai
  • The School of Investment Banking, Mumbai
  • Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar
  • Mount Caramel Business School, New Delhi
Investment Banking: The new-age banking career!
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Investment Banking

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