Law Careers: Civil Litigation


Civil litigation includes a broad range of disputes. Civil litigators generally specialize in one or two specific practice areas. These areas may be related to personal injury, environmental law, intellectual property dispute, construction disputes, medical malpractices, anti-trust disputes etc.

The role of a Civil Litigation professional is very varied and challenging. Since civil litigation is an adversarial process, litigation attorneys and paralegals must be willing to assume an oppositional position and embrace conflict and controversy. 

Civil law basically deals with the non-criminal cases and disputes such as breach of contract, property damages, divorce cases, ownership rights, defamation cases etc. The idea is peaceful settlement of disputes between two or more parties. A person approaches a civil lawyer when he/she feels that a person or an organisation has wronged or cheated them either monetarily or non-monetarily. In a civil suit the main objective is to get a compensation for the mental and physical trauma / discomfort that the case filing party has gone through.

The wide range of areas that the civil law in India deals with are:

  • Laws related to family, tax, corporate, consumer, international operations, employment etc.

Why Civil Litigation is a rewarding career?

  • This sub-field of traditional legal scenario is very rewarding. Civil litigation lawyers are amongst the highest paid professionals. Along with the regular litigation fees they get a high percentage or additional service fees of the compensation they are able to negotiate for their client.
  • Suits in the area of civil ambit are generally recession-free. It has often been observed that the downfall in the economy has no significant impact on number of civil litigations.
  • Since the civil law encompasses a lot of areas, a civil lawyer gets the opportunity to work in various domains and gains high quality and satisfying work experience.
  • Since civil lawyers work in a close knit relationship with their clients, with each new client they are able to gain new experience and help diffuse monotony that is often associated with civil litigation cases.

Civil Litigation Career: What you need!

Following are the skills that would take you far in civil litigation career-

  • Knowledge of substantive and procedural law
  • Strong written and oral advocacy skills
  • Analytical and logical reasoning abilities
  • Ability to synthesize complex legal and factual materials
  • Superior interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of legal research techniques and software
  • Client development skills
  • Negotiation skills

Indian students must consider a career in Civil Litigation since it offers a variety of areas to choose from and there is a dearth of good lawyers in this field.

Law Careers: Civil Litigation
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Civil litigation includes a broad range of disputes. Civil litigators generally speci

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