Law Careers: Corporate Lawyer!


Growing economy not only impacts the profits of small and big business houses but also creates ancillary jobs for various other profession. And one of such profession is law. With the increased business transactions both in terms of quantum and the amount that is at stake, there was a need to minimise the legal risk that was involved at each step. As a result corporate law as a profession has gained importance.

Corporate law basically facilitates legality of commercial transactions so that the transaction is 100% legal. The corporate lawyer also works on various aspects related to the contract, agreement, laws related to taxation, intellectual property rights, etc. The lawyer also checks for the adherence of the transaction to various state and national laws.

The basic job of the corporate lawyer is to facilitate its client or its employer to find a common ground wherein both the parties readily agree.

What makes a corporate lawyer excel?

  • His ability to be extremely flexible when it comes to achieving solutions
  • An incisive mind that has the ability to see through things and anticipate future course of action
  • Excellent communication skills for both written and oral communication
  • Strong negotiation skills combined with a thorough legal knowledge
  • His ability to be extremely hardworking

Industry scenario

Industry is often very quick in absorbing fresh law graduates from top institutions like National Law Schools. The starting salary can range from Rs. 5–10 lakh per annum. With experience these legal experts can earn as much as they desire.

Law Careers: Corporate Lawyer!
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