Law Careers: Criminal Law!


One of the most demanding field in law careers is that of criminal law. Criminal law basically deals with the cases that involve criminal offences such as murder, domestic violence, cyber crimes, extortion, crimes against women, rapes etc. At the outset criminal law as a profession might seem very exciting and thrilling, but as the practice progresses and the understanding grows it gets more challenging and demanding. Since the stakes are very high, there is no scope of error. 

As a criminal lawyer, one gets to work with people from different backgrounds. As a criminal lawyer one needs to have outstanding communication skills and excellent advocacy skills.

What it takes to be a successful criminal lawyer?

One requires a variety of skills to excel as a criminal lawyer, the first and foremost quality is that of advocacy. A criminal lawyer not only practises advocacy inside the courtroom but also while dealing with other important stakeholders in the case such as the police, victims etc. Also a criminal lawyer requires a thinking mind and the ability to have arrive at clear rationale in order to solve the case.  Also it is essential for a successful criminal lawyer to keep himself updated with the changes in legislation, rulings of similar cases, etc so as to do whatever possible for a favourable judgement.


Since the stakes are pretty high, therefore corresponding remunerations are highly rewarding. With more experience, the criminal lawyers can demand more moolah from the client. Also the remunerations depend on the nature of the case.

Options today in the field of Criminal Law career have increased due to the increase in the white-collar crimes. Law graduates in Criminal Law have the option of becoming senior designated counselors, judge of lower courts, high courts or Supreme Courts in the long run. Some substantial experience can also land you the jobs of solicitor general of India or the attorney general of India.

Candidates with BA LLB degree become eligible to become a magistrate of lower courts by taking judiciary exam conducted by the High Court of a particular state. 

Law Careers: Criminal Law!
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One of the most demanding field in law ca

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