SBI Bank PO: Preparation for High level reasoning


Reasoning is an important part of almost all competitive exams. Reasoning contains mainly two sections, Verbal Reasoning & Non verbal reasoning. For SBI Bank PO Reasoning section is sub divided into many levels. High level reasoning carries 50 marks.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning is the most important skill in terms of academic learning. It involves numerical reasoning, logical reasoning and spatial reasoning as well. Numerical reasoning is the ability to work with numbers and it is important in mathematics. Logic reasoning uses deductive and inductive reasoning power to solve problems and it is important in math and science. Spatial reasoning is the ability to visualize and manipulate objects. This section consist of  questions based on analogy, coding decoding, blood relation, sitting arrangement, series completion, syllogism, decision making, statement reasoning etc.

Non Verbal Reasoning

Non verbal reasoning is a diagrammatic or abstract reasoning test. It involves analyzing visual information and solving related problems using visual reasoning. Non verbal reasoning does not make use of language skills, since the act of reading is not required. It consist of series completion, analogy, and classification

What does reasoning test?

This section tests candidate’s ability to understand and reason using concepts framed in words. Candidate’s logical validity, ability to decipher coded messages, perception, mental alertness, problem solving and decision making skills, visual coding abilities, associative thinking power, sense of direction all are put to test.

How to prepare for this section?

  • Study the exam pattern well. Go through previous years question papers and study number of questions asked from different topics. SBI Bank PO Reasoning section shares the basic similarity in nature of topics dealt, with other competitive exams. But it differs in division of topics in syllabus under different categories. The syllabus is mainly divided into two parts viz. Core & Peripheral. Core is the main part which is again sub divided into Verbal and nonverbal parts. Verbal is again divided into High level and usual level. High level has topics like Fact assumption, Inference conclusion, course of action, cause and effect, strong and weak arguments and three statement syllogisms. Usual level has topics like Eligibility test, Math operations and inequality, sitting arrangements, data sufficiency, Input and output. Peripheral part has topics like coding- decoding, direction based tests, dictionary (alphabet) arrangement, sequence, series, analogy, odd pair, dice/cube, venn diagrams etc.
  • Once you have clear idea about division of syllabus then you can begin your preparation for SBI Bank PO Reasoning. Try various shortcuts and strategies and get used to of using those shortcuts which best suit to you. Read the questions carefully.
  • Practice as many questions as possible. Read books of my career lift to understand concepts of different types of questions. As books of my career lift have been designed by extensive and intensive searching and have tried to incorporate all possible tricks. For example how to arrange statements in syllogisms so that subject of first statement and predicate of second statement gets common. Attempting coding and decoding by observing how actual words/ alphabets/ numbers replaced by certain other words/ alphabets/ numbers/ symbols etc. Input-output questions involve arranging of given numbers in ascending or descending order, arranging of words and alphabets as per dictionary or changing of positions of words or numbers according to a set pattern. For blood relation questions you need to be very careful about which relation is being asked. In sitting arrangement questions drawing diagram by using positive statements first and then using negative statements. Using checklist for confirmation and then proceeding with questions. While solving analogy questions you need to observe that base and target objects need not to resemble each other but they definitely need to hold like roles in matching relational structure.
SBI Bank PO: Preparation for High level reasoning
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Reasoning is an important part of almost all competitive exams. Reasoning contains ma

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