Success story of MBA HRs


Here are a few stories of young achievers in the field of HR that was published in an article on

1. Aishwarya Datta 

28, Lucknow

Manager (Human Resources), ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd

Role Model: Chanda Kochchar, MD and CEO, ICICI 

Reason: She is one of the most powerful businesswomen we have today. I like the way she has grown from a management trainee to become the MD of the same organisation.
Word of advice for a student of HR
More and more youngsters choose their stream because of peer pressure or market scenario, and not on the basis of their talent or what they like. I feel that to build a career you need only two things: passion and interest. Everything else will be taken care of. From the very beginning, figure out what your talent is, work towards it, and aspire big.

2. Avinash Kohli

32, New Delhi

HR Manager, GE India

Role Model: Senior leaders

Reason: I look up to many senior leaders with whom I have worked. If I have to name a few, it’ll be Pankaj Bansal (PeopleStrong) for his genuineness, Janice Semper (GE) for her ability to bring her best to work every day, Rohit Hasteer (MakeMyTrip) for his attention to detail, Rohit Thakur (Microsoft) for his humility, and Susan Peters (GE) for her people management and execution skills.
Word of advice for a student of HR
Try out the difficult roles first (like IR, HR Ops, C&B) to build overall HR expertise. Accept any work that comes your way, dig in your heels during difficult situations.

3. Avirup Mukherjee 

28, Gurgaon

student-HR, School Of Inspired Leadership (SOIL)

Role Model: Anil Sachdev, Founder and CEO, SOIL.

Reason: I admire the ease with which he is able to create an amazing mix of business excellence and self-awareness. I think this is important because in today’s times, it is essential that all businesses focus not only on the bottom line but also ensure that they are giving back to society.
Word of advice for a student of HR
I would want today’s HR students to understand the business perspective and utilise their uniqueness in contributing towards achieving business objectives. The former simply means asking 3 simple questions: What are we trying to achieve? What impact will the action have on the business results? How will we know that the impact will be a positive and sustainable one?

4. Dhruv Desai

33, Mumbai 

Sr. Vice President & Head HR, Angel Broking Pvt Ltd

Role model: Every one of my managers

Reason: Every manager I’ve worked under has given me exposure to a new competency. Sheldon D’ Souza, a mentor and manager earlier in my career, showed me that managing is not only about people but also having a grip on the subject matter. I learned a lot from my mentor Amardeep Mallik, who, through his knowledge about Six Sigma and Lean, helped me bring in a new level of sophistication in my HR role.
Word of advice for a student of HR
Get cross-functional exposure if you intend to be a successful HR professional. Work and spend some time in Marketing and Finance, or maybe get a Marketing MBA, and then move into HR. It sounds radical but it’s the difference between chalk and cheese. The quality and efficiency difference between HR managers who have had cross-functional exposure and who don’t is immense. Get this exposure at an early stage of your career.

5. Diana Mirza

30, Bengaluru

HR Business Partner – ESIIC at Hindustan Unilever Limited

Role Model: Nobody specific

Reason: I believe there is something to be learnt from the variety of people one encounters. For example, I am inspired by the attendant in a coffee shop who exemplifies ‘service with a smile’ or the colleague in a meeting who demonstrates real time influencing skills or the business leader I read about, whose innovative ideas change my outlook. Anyone who makes me realise that there’s something else that I can do to be a better leader and a better human being becomes a role model for me.
Word of advice for a student of HR
A role is not merely a role, it is what you make of it. Do not let yourself be constrained by self-limiting barriers, especially at the beginning of your career when you may feel your role is small or comparatively insignificant. Always strive to think strategically, look at the bigger picture and make the maximum impact.


Success story of MBA HRs
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Here are a few stories of young achievers in the field of HR that was published in an

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