Thinking of career in Human resource?


Thinking of a career in Human resource? We say a very wise choice! Not only do human resources managers take strategic decisions related to human capital employment, but in the long run play a very significant role in the success and viability of business operations.

Work profile of Human Resource Managers

Human resource managers are also known as personnel managers and human capital managers. There are a number of varied roles that a human resource managers plays in an organisation.

  • Handling all human capital related paper work and documentation work such as employment contract papers etc.
  • The HR officers also look after the staff support system that includes induction, deciding on the payroll, grievance settlement, disciplinary procedure etc.
  • Identifying vacancies, giving job advertisements, short listing candidates, arranging job interviews and other testing procedures and final selection of the candidate and negotiating with the candidates the salary part of the job profile of HR managers.
  • An HR manager also undertakes the important task of providing timely training to the employees so as to ensure that they are oriented towards the overall business needs.
  • Higher managers in the HR hierarchy also play the strategic role of formulating HR plans, policies, processes etc relating to the overall HR function of the organisation.
  • A human resource manager also manages and controls the HR expenditure and arrives at the overall HR bridge for the organisation.

We hope that through this article we have been able to help you understand the job profile of an HR manager in an organisation.

Thinking of career in Human resource?
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Thinking of a career in Human resource? We say a ve

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