What is IBPS Specialist Officer Exam?


In 2013 approximately more than 3 lakh students appeared for IBPS CWE Specialist Officer (SO) Exam and more than 16,000 students cleared the examination. Now, the Institute of Banking Personal Selection (IBPS) has again released a long awaited recruitment notification for Specialist Officer (SO). The candidates who aspire to join the participating organization must already have registered for the Common Recruitment Process- (CWE SPL-III).

But from the date of IBPS Specialist Officer (SO) Recruitment notification we are getting number of queries about who are Specialist Officers in bank. What is the job role of Specialist Officers? How to prepare for Specialist Officer Examination? So this article will clear the vagueness about the Specialist Officers in your minds.  

Who are Specialist Officers?

In recent times there are many students who pursue their career in the fields like finance, law, human resources, marketing, engineering, chartered accountancy or management. Such students who pursue professional degree career courses are recognized in banks also. Banks from time to time hire such students as Specialist Officers.

A Specialist Officer in a bank is appointed for specialised roles in various departments, according to their expertise knowledge and educational background.  

What are the Designations of Specialist Officer in IBPS SO Exam 2014?

 Under Scale 1: 

  • Agricultural Field Officer
  • I.T Officer
  • Law Officers
  • Rajbhasha Officer
  • HR/Personal Officer
  • Marketing Officers

Under Scale 2:

  • Chartered Accountants
  • Finance Executive
  • I.T Officers
  • Law Officers

What is the importance of Specialist Officers?

Human capital has always played a crucial role in the banking industry. There are always so many actions behind the scenes happening in a bank. There are PO’s and Clerks in the bank who look after the customers and money respectively. Then you must be thinking about the significance of Specialist Officer’s in banks!  

There are some people who have efficient knowledge in specific areas which may include law, marketing, accounts, human resource, IT, agriculture, etc. According to their educational background these people are appointed as Specialist Officers in banks. For instance, if the bank has any technical issues in the server, then it can only be resolved by an IT professional or if the bank has any legal issue, it needs a law officer. Thus they play a very crucial role in the day to day workings of the banks.

How to prepare for Specialist Officers exam?

  • Start preparing early so that you’re able to identify your strong and weak areas. You can then plan your preparation accordingly.
  • Learn time management by solving sample or mock tests and tracking your progress.
  • Beware of the negative marking so that you don’t attempt all questions (or the questions you can’t solve). Avoid guess work.
  • Don’t get stuck if you’re unable to solve a question. While overspending time on solving a question. Remember that you’re running out of time.
  • Keep an eye on your watch so that you could wisely spend the time you’re left with.
  • Always try to implement the Elimination Rule while answering a multiple type choice question.
  • Remember that there’s a sectional cut-off and you have to clear it in order to get through the test and receive interview calls.

We hope after reading this article, the vague image about specialist officers is clear in your minds. So pull up your socks and start planning your prepration from now.

All the Best!!

What is IBPS Specialist Officer Exam?
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