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Life is composed of a series of decisions most of which are related to our profession. We have our interests that govern our dreams that further become ambition. There are things we are good at. There are others we just like. There are skills we have cultivated. There is knowledge we have acquired while studying. And then there is talent. A great career is a sum-total of these factors. And everything depends on a set of right career decisions. The world today worships professions. It offers thus a plethora of options as potential career choices. However, landing at the right career decision is a totally different platform. A few decades ago, we talked about career choices. Today, it is about the right career planning. Many people start off to a great career but either lose focus or feel disillusioned half way in their careers

Career planning is not only about choosing the right career but also about taking a career decision at the right time, at the right place with the right resources. As you read this, I am sure you are either sure what you want to do or you are looking for someone to tell you what is good for you. In either of the cases, it is vital that you get guidance, which today is available professionally. I am happy to share with you a completely personalized column - Ask A Question - that attempts to answer some of your most personal questions about your career, your skills, interests and your personality. All you need to do is fill an online message form and push Send. In three days, you shall get the answer to your query delivered into your personal inbox. So open your hearts and write to us.

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