Career options after 12th for Commerce/ Arts/ Science

Why do you need a career planning?

The world's second most populated country teaches people to fight right from childhood days. There's much fight in professions and careers too. This has made Indian students today more pro-active than their counterparts about ten years ago. This is not a generation that waits for graduation to get over before thinking of a career in a certain field. We live in times when school students start considering career options from Class IX. They have to choose a stream in X and have to decide on a certain career path by the time they reach XII.

But do all students make wise choices? In India, parents have a big say in zeroing down on a career choice. But are they aware of the future challenges in their children's career? More often than not, they shortlist a career option based on the demand in the market, thinking 'choosing is achieving'. However, this could be a fatal error in judgement that may severely affect their children's future.

Selecting the most 'in demand' career option is only the beginning. What will make all the difference between success and failure is the right kind of planning. 'Career Planning' is what will really give a student a sucessful career. Choosing a career path without planning will jeopardise the future of a student.

Career Planning begins from understanding what a student likes and what he wishes to do. This is followed by making long-term career goals. Based on this, a student needs to shortlist the best institutes offering courses in his field followed by preparation of the entrance exams and so on.

Career Planning is what you need today. This section aims at helping you make a solid Plan about your career.