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Do you love reading novels by Sherlock Homes? His pipe, the magnifying glass, the cane and the deerstalker’s cap put together instantly invokes the image of a detective looking forward to unearth facts that is not known to all. But in real life, a detective is not someone who wears a long black coat with a magnifying glass in one hand as generally portrayed in celluloid or on television. Working undercover, the detective industry is growing at a steady 12% each year.

Being a part of our reality, detective agencies are thriving in each corner of the country detecting corporate frauds, murky extra marital affairs, crimes, journalism, property disputes etc. Thrill and adrenalin rush makes the job exciting for all. If you think that unlocking facts and working as a detective cop excite you, do consider taking up detective agency as your career path.

Personality Traits

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Dynamism
  • An alert mind
  • Analytical skills
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Courage
  • Resilience 
  • Open-minded
  • Trustworthiness
  • Investigative skills
  • Management skills
  • Good observing skills

Course / Training

Aspirants interested to take up detective as a career need not undergo any professional training for the same. Also while starting your own detective agency; one necessarily does not require a professional degree in the same. One basically learns on the job. However it would be beneficial to undertake courses in forensics, law and order, criminology etc. There are very few institutes that provide a diploma in private investigation and a degree program in Criminology and Forensic sciences. A few detective agencies have started their own private investigative courses to train students who could become their future recruits.

List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in Private Investigation

Institute Website
Lancers Network Limited, New Delhi

Career Prospects

Following are the career prospects for detectives:

  • Private detective agencies – Freshers can join private detective agencies as junior detectives. After learning the necessary skills and handling successful cases, they can then be promoted to senior detectives.
  • Central Intelligence Services – Aspirants can appear for an entrance exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and thereafter join the central intelligence services as a Sub-inspector after successfully passing the exam and other necessary tests.
  • Research & Analytical Wing (RAW), Indian Police Service (IPS), Intelligence Bureau (IB) etc are other favorites of aspirants aspiring to join this profession.
  • Newspapers – There are a lot of newspapers and magazines that recruit investigative journalist to uncover truth. Along with investigative skills they are also required to possess excellent communication skills.
  • Own detective agencies – After gaining ample experience, detectives often plan to start their own detective agencies.


As a fresher the work profile of a detective involves a lot of hard work and very less monetary returns. Detectives usually earn Rs 8000 to Rs 10,000 at the start of their career. However with experience and after building a reputation for them, sky is the limit for them to charge per case.

Career as a Detective
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