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Most of you out there are well aware of the term blogging. For those who do not know blogging is an activity where one writes down on impression, fact, experience, etc on an online platform. But did you know one can earn exciting money from just posting blogs! An activity which started out as a vent for posting one’s opinions on a social media platform has transformed into a money generating activity that has attracted a lot of young professionals towards it.

Personality Traits 

Are you thinking what it takes to be a successful Blogger? Here is a list of essentials for being a successful blogger.

Patience and good writing skills hold the key. Chances are that as a blogger one might not be able to earn quick bucks from their initial posts, but one must be assured that hard work will eventually gain recognition. With almost zero investment and no technical degree required, this profession primarily asks for good writing skills and perseverance.

Course / Training

Blogging as a career doesn’t necessarily require one to undergo a rigorous training in the form of a degree or a certificate program. All that a blogger requires is subject knowledge and a flair for writing. However, since blogging is now becoming money making endeavour and the need to learn how to optimise traffic to one’s blog is becoming a top of the mind concern for bloggers, there are a few online and offline courses that are gradually picking up.

List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in Blogging

There are mostly online certificate programs that offer guidance to bloggers to help them understand the art and science of blogging and search engine optimisation. One of the popular online programs that help bloggers learn the nuances of blogging is New York Institute of Art & Science’s short-term certificate program named Complete Course in Professional Blogging. There is an institute named IMRI that offers an offline one month Certificate Program In Blogging (iCPB) Course. Aspirants are however advised to be very prudent while enrolling themselves into blogging courses as there are various dubious players operating in the industry.

Career opportunities

The question of what makes blogging work as a career option often comes to the minds of young bloggers. It is an ideal career opportunity for all those who wish to operate from their own places. A favourite for all of those who wish to take up freelance writing as their full-time profession choice, blogging is a never dying business! One has the liberty to operate and work at their own convenience and earn as much as they wish.


Wondering how blogging helps in earning exciting cash? Here’s the answer to your question.

One can work as a ghost writer wherein the blogger gets paid to write favourable content, review etc. for the client company or its product. One also gets to earn from the ad clicks, Google Adsense, SEO traffic etc. To be able to maximise one’s revenue from blogging, it is important for the blogger to get acquainted to codes and XML and understand the feild of SEO.

Career as a Writer (Blogging)
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