Career as a Writer (food blogger)



You don’t need to be an expert to start your own food blog! The only two things that you require to start your own food blogging portal is an adventurous zest for tasting/preparing good food and ability to write what your taste buds tell you!

A food blogger has an exciting task to go out and explore all those eateries in the neighbourhood and city, the street food of the town, high-end fine dining restaurants in the vicinity and bring to the fellow citizens a fair and unbiased review. Also if the passion for food is more than just reviewing gourmet joints, as a food blogger you could also upload a video exhibiting your cooking skills for all your followers out there!

Personality Traits 

Passion for food coupled with reasonably good writing skills is all that one requires for being a food blogger. Also a good food blogger must be articulate in order to translate the mad rush his/her taste buds experience into words. It is imperative for bloggers to possess the knack of guessing what kind of stuff the audiences will love to read. Also ability to decode or simplify those loved recipes for readers is also required.


Are there any additional educational qualifications required to be a food blogger? The answer is a big ‘No’. To be honest, you do not need a professional degree to start your own food blog. All that you require is reasonable writing skills and basic working knowledge of XML and SEO to write and promote your blog.

List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in Food Blogging

There are many online certificate programs that offer guidance to bloggers to help them understand the art and science of blogging and search engine optimisation. One of the popular online programs that help bloggers learn the nuances of blogging is New York Institute of Art & Science’s short-term certificate program named Complete Course in Professional Blogging. Also there is an institute named IMRI that offers an offline one month Certificate Program In Blogging (iCPB) Course. Aspirants are however advised to be very prudent while enrolling themselves in blogging courses as there are various dubious players of operating in the industry.

Career opportunities

  • Restaurant reviewer: Websites such as, etc constantly require a fair (and sometimes biased) review by food bloggers to help them attract more customers to their restaurants. With a horde of restaurants coming up in all the cities around the country, such reviews have a huge potential to influence customers.
  • Food critic: Professional as well as home cooks who start their food blogs can use this platform to be a food critic. It costs nothing to critically evaluate someone else’s food and also help the audience improve on the original recipe.


Free treats and paid reviews gradually become a part of the job. A food blogger can also take it up as a full-time profession once they are able to establish their online presence and brand value on internet. Therefore food blogging aspirants must start right away from building their online reputation. Also a food blogger should be able to promote his blog on social media network in order to bring more traffic on his blog page. Also try to monetize your earnings from SEO and ads. 

Career as a Writer (food blogger)
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