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What makes the world of online blogging even more exciting is that one is expected to follow their passion and also make big bucks out of it! Travel blogging is an exciting new addition to the gamut of internet-based jobs.

What is a travel blogger expected to do? The simple answer to this question is “Travel”. A travel blogger explores the world. A travel blogger goes on these adventurous trips to the most popular destinations and sometimes unexplored cities and presents a first-hand account in forms of travelogues, photographs, videos etc. With almost no apparent requirement of a professional degree, travel bloggers need to be bohemians at heart.

Personality Traits 

  • A travel freak: With their travelling bags always packed, travel bloggers are expected to always be gung-ho about travelling. Weekend getaways, overnight trips, long travels, early morning escapades, travel bloggers need to have that never dying zest to travel.
  • Patience: Being able to appreciate small-little joys of travelling is a must; otherwise travelling can take a toll. Sometimes the experience while visiting destinations doesn’t turn up as expected, also reaching much sought after destinations takes a lot of time and labour, hence being patient is of immense importance.
  • Inquisitive mind: Inquisitiveness to research and know more about the travel destination can help enhance the entire experience.


A travel blogger need not undergo a professional degree program in order to qualify as a travel blogger. Love for travel and writing are the only qualifications required to start your own blog. Travel bloggers also need to work on their photography skills in order to enhance their posts. A little knowledge of blog design, SEO and monetisation also comes handy to promote the blog.

List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in Travel Blogging

There are not much institutes in India that offer a professional program in travel blogging. However, there are a few websites that offer online programs in travel blogging. These websites are-


Career opportunities

Are you wondering how can one earn while travelling? Here’s a quick guide to what makes this job a big hit-

  • Online SEO, Online ads etc: Having understood the nuances of search engine optimisation and techniques of drawing web traffic to your blog, travel bloggers can take home interesting money from the clicks on ads etc. Often popular travel bloggers get paid by the destination country so as to be covered by the bloggers.
  • Travel websites are on a constant search: Online and offline travel and hotel booking websites try to cash in on the reputation of travel bloggers by offering them full time jobs in order to promote their business.
  • Photographs speak a thousand words: Seemingly mundane & routine pictures uploaded by travel bloggers sometimes become a huge hit to promote tourism & attract tourists to a destination thereby helping bloggers earn more.
  • Starting their own travel business: Having travelled extensively, travel bloggers can start their own travel business and plan exciting trips for others around the world.


Travel blogging has a lot of money to offer. With avid travellers always on a look out for unexplored destinations, a well researched and a well written blog can fetch the blogger lots of clicks and a high ranking. Also good photographs can help bloggers earn great money.

Career as a Writer (Travel Blogger)
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