Career Opportunities in Beauty


Shahnaz Hussain revolutionized beauty industry in India. Javed Habib styles international celebrities now. Vandana Luthra has become an icon of fitness and beauty. These are some Indian names in the beauty industry who made it big. Beauty and hair products today make up for an entire cosmetics market that sells good looks across the globe. India's retail beauty and cosmetics industry, currently estimated at $950 million, is likely to go up to $2.68 billion by 2020. A lucrative career awaits those who are passionate for making people look good.

Beauty and hair care includes hair cutting, perming, coloring, bleaching, relaxing, all phases of hairdressing & styling, skin care, facials, manicuring, pedicure, massaging of the head, face, hands, legs, neck, arms and feet, make-up and unwanted hair removal methods. The best characteristic of a career in this field is that anyone with a little training has a chance to make it big.

Personality traits

  • Presentable: If you are selling beauty and hair, you must look good and should have healthy hair.While you cannot change your own features, you should know which parts to accentuate in order to look great. If you are presentable, you will be more credible.
  • Passion for beauty and hair: You must be someone who talks, thinks and acts beauty. You must be passionate towards beauty products, about ways and means to make others look good. You must possess considerable amount of knowledge about skin types, hair types, natural/herbal products, side-effects of beauty products etc.
  • Serving skills: You must be someone who can make your customers feel relaxed and comfortable. You should know how to serve your customers and give them the best beauty treatment.
  • Knowledge: A person who has a considerable knowledge of beauty and hair trends usually succeeds better and faster in this industry. There are many salons and spas, and more number of beauticians than that. You can stand out if you are better informed and well read.


The minimum eligibility for a professional course is X Pass. However, if you have the skill and the desire, you can start even without this minimum qualification. It is always advisable to go for short-term diploma courses, try your hand in the business first and then upgrade yourself with your area of specialization. There are many institutes offering vocational training apart from colleges that have degree programs in beauty and hair.

There are 8-month to 24-month long diploma courses available apart from BA and B.Tech degree in Beauty and Hair Care, Cosmetology, Cosmetic Technology etc.

List of Institutes for courses in Beauty, Hair Care and Cosmetology

Institute Website
 National & Regional Vocational Training Institutes for Women,  Ministry  of Labour, Govt. of India (Delhi, Noida, Allahabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Vadodra, Hissar, Indore, Trivandrum, Tura)
 Young Women’s Christian Association centers in cities 
 VLCC Institute
 Pearl Academy of Fashion 
 Nagpur University 
 Habib’s Hair Academy, New Delhi
 Shahnaz Hussain’s Women’s World International, New Delhi

Career Opportunities in Beauty

  •  Beautician: You can be a beautician in a branded salon or start your own.
  • Makeup artist: There are hundreds of skilled makeup artists required for film and television stars, TV reporters. This is a job that gets you both money and fame.
  • Hair specialist: You specialize in cutting, perming, colouring and nurturing hair.
  • Aroma Therapist: If you have a great instinct for herbs and their aroma, you can be a therapist that uses this knowledge for beautifying.
  • Mehendi/Tattoo/Nail artist: This is a vast field today where people get paid for being good at drawing artistic designs on human body.
  • Spa Therapist: If you have the requisite experience and specialization, you can become a spa therapist who treats skin ailments like cellulite and uses detoxifying therapies and treatments using hot and cold stones, body wraps, scrubs, hydrotherapy etc.

Then there are many other big and small job profiles like Trichologist, Electrologist, curly/straight hair experts, nail artists, massage experts etc.


How you start determines your remuneration. If you start with a small salon as an intern, you may begin with Rs 3,000 per month to Rs 10,000. If you start your own salon, you should easily be able to make at least 10,000 per month in the beginning. With experience, beauty experts get paid by the hour or based on each beauty treatment like you can earn Rs 15,000 just in one bridal makeup or may charge Rs 500 an hour.

Career Opportunities in Beauty
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Shahnaz Hussain revolutionized beauty industry in India. Javed Habib styles internati