Career Opportunities in Biology (Biotechnology - II)



Biotechnology is an unexplored but a very fast growing field. To put in simple words biotechnology is use of technology in biology. On thinking about biotechnology, don’t misinterpret this profession to be a monotonous one and a one way ticket to the laboratory. There is a lot more to this profession than what just meets the eye.

Defining the scope of this profession will be as difficult as finding a needle in haystack. This discipline has brought together various other areas of science i.e. biology, chemistry, physics and even mathematics. This assimilation of various disciplines helps biotechnologist conduct researches and experiments that further help in healing, fuelling and feeding the world. Biotechnology lends its assistance to areas such as biological products, pharmaceuticals, animal husbandry, textile industry, nutrition, agriculture, food industry to name a few.

Personality traits

One of the primary requisite for all those who wish to get into this profession is their sheer love for science and technology. The students should have keen interest in all the subjects related to science i.e. physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics not just for grades in school, but to explore possibilities of scientific application. Along with the above mentioned traits, following are other important personality pre-requisites for anyone seeking a career in biotechnology

-  Ability to focus for long hours

 - A good scientific temper and a methodical & practical approach

-  Ingenuity & imagination coupled with originality

List of Institutes abroad offering Biotechnology related courses

Institute Website

Heriot watt University Dubai

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani Dubai Campus
Manipal Education Dubai Campus

Career route

For the ones interested in biotechnology, it is necessary to study a combination of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics at 10+2 level. Also there are various CBSE schools that offer biotechnology as an optional subject at 10+2 level. A student aspiring for an admission in either BSc Biotechnology or B. Tech or B.E. Biotechnology must score a minimum of 50% and in some cases 60% in class XII.  For many undergraduate courses in biotechnology, students have to appear for entrance exams such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE etc.

Career Opportunities in Biology (Biotechnology - II)
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