Career Opportunities in Biology (Clinical Research)


Clinical Research is about testing drugs on subjects, in various environments for the safety and protection of the society. It involves research at several levels apart from testing, experimenting and inspection. The outsourced clinical trial activities in India have crossed Rs 13.2 billion in a span of a few years.

Careers in clinical research are not only lucrative but extremely challenging also. They include drug control, inspection against abuse, clinical investigation, lab experiments, comparison of drugs, study of side effects, research on safety measures and hygienic conditions and so on.

Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for doing research and peforming tests to develop new drugs for various diseases and illnesses. After developing drugs, these companies then perform preclinical drug trials on animals to test the efficacy of the drug. Once the drug is developed, the pharmaceutical company becomes the sponsor of the clinical research that is performed by various Contract Research Organisations (CROs) or in some cases the pharmaceutical company itself does clinical research. Clinical research assistants test the drug in a phased manner on human beings, then on patients and after the launch of the medicine, they continue to work on increasing the efficacy of the drug and conduct research on possible side-effects and allergy. 

Personality traits

  • Scientific mind: For being a clinical research professional, you must love science and deduction. You must be someone who can think, analyze and research like a scientist.

  • Analytical ability: You must be someone who loves experimenting and analyzing data and drugs. You should be rational and have a logical ability to compare and deduce.

  • Passion for life sciences/Biology: You must be someone who understands medicine and life sciences even if you may not be an MBBS. You should be well-versed in biology, botany and the likes.


The courses in clinical research are available in both graduate and postgraduate levels. You can get a B.Sc or M.Sc in life sciences like nursing, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology or pharmacy. Aspiring clinical researchers also have the option of pursuing medical studies, pharmaceutical studies or life sciences and then enter a doctoral program in their field of interest. You may also get a doctorate in public health, biological or physical sciences or might consider a post graduate degree in medical science. Postdoctoral training in special research area is available with medical research institutions/ laboratories and universities. However, specialized training in clinical research is available only as a part-time diploma course. There are very few degree level courses in clinical research. You should be a 10+2 with Biology, Home Science for graduate courses and should be a science graduate for PG courses. There are a few MBA courses available in Hospital Management and Clinical Research Management.

List of institutes offering Clinical Research

Institute Website
 St Xaviers College, Mumbai
 DIPSAR, Delhi
 Anovus Institute of Clinical Research,  Chandigarh
 Altree Healthcare, Cochin
 Apeejay Svran Institute for Biosciences and  Clinical  Research, Gurgaon 
 Asian Institute of Health Sciences, Thane
 Institute of Clinical Research (ICRI)
 University of Pune‎
 Goa University
 Manipal University
 Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi,
 Clinical Research Education and Management Academy,Mumbai

List of Institutes abroad offering Clinical Research related courses

Institute Website

Amity Dubai Campus

Career Opportunities

  • Clinical Research Associate: This is an entry-level position where you get to work in laboratories under senior researchers and scientists. You may get an appointment in a research institute or a university or a government department.
  • Medical Writers: They document scientific and clinical research. A medical writer, working with doctors, scientists, and other subject matter experts, creates documents that effectively and clearly describe research results, product use, and other medical information.
  • Clinical Research Manager: As the name suggests, they manage, supervise, look after and administer all the activities in a research lab.
  • Biostatisticians: They specialize in designing of biological experiments in medicine, pharmacy, agriculture and fisheries. 
  • Drug Development Associates: They work closely with research analysts and scientists and delve into a variety of roles.
  • Management jobs: The field is also open to management graduates who can be business development managers, clinical project managers, regulatory affair managers etc.


On an average, a research associate begins with Rs 2,00,000 lakh per annum while a manager level person may begin with Rs 5,00,000 lakh per annum. With more experience, people working in the field can earn up to Rs 10,00,000 per annum or more depending on the number of years and the kind of exposure they have had in the field.

Career Opportunities in Biology (Clinical Research)
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Clinical Research is about testing drugs on subjects, in various environments for the