Career Opportunities in Biology (Medical - I)


Unlike many other professions, a medical professional truly gets many opportunities to transform thousands of lives. Tackling extremely arduous training regime, handling high levels of competition and simultaneously managing prolonged duty hours along with studies in the course of becoming a doctor requires a lot of self – motivation. Therefore while you decide to make a career in the medical field, be absolutely sure about it. Before you decide to take a plunge in this career field, do make a note that your value system, personality type and interests match perfectly with the requirement of this career field.

A lot of students in the country take up medical studies in school just because their parents say so, or possible peer pressure, or their infantile wish to ‘help people and impact their lives’; unaware of the challenges of the profession and possible competition at each step. Therefore, all the medical aspirants are advised to take this profession only when they are 100% sure of it. Don’t just pay heed to only your gut, but also let your calculative mind do the talking.

Here is a glimpse of the necessary personality traits required for a high flying career as a doctor.

  • Good health, energy and stamina to study for long hours and perform well during odd duty hours 
  • Above average intelligence and high concentration levels for protracted working and learning sessions
  • High confidence levels and objective approach to take crucial decisions at critical times
  • Extreme patience to handle recurring stressful times
  • Intense commitment towards the profession wherein patients are always a top priority 

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Career Opportunities in Biology (Medical - I)
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Unlike many other professions, a medical professional truly ge