Career Opportunities in Biology (Micro Biology)


Micro Biology is a vast field that deals with the study of micro-organisms and their functions. And so there is bacteriology (bacteria), virology (viruses), mycology (fungi) and immunology (the immune system).

Microbiology today is a prominent industry. There are a number of probiotic microbes being used in the manufacturing of various food and pharmaceutical products. Biofuels like bioethanol and biodiesel are being manufactured using new raw materials like lignocellulosics, algae and other biomass material to replace fossil fuels.

Personality traits

Those wishing to pursue a career in microbiology must be very strong in both basic and applied microbiology apart from being skilled in laboratory techniques. For example, if their focus is on the fermentation industry, a strong background in industrial microbiology or fermentation technology is a must.

As a microbiologist, you must be well-versed with laboratory equipment and have the ability to conduct practical experiments. You should have an uncanny ability to select, organize, analyze and interpret vital information about bacteria. Research and communication would be an added skill.


Microbiology is offered at three levels— UG, PG and PhD. You should have biology background at least at 10+2 level to pursue a UG course. Similarly, PG students have the option of conducting research in their area of interest and do a PhD. They can also take up a post doctoral research with good fellowship and contingency grants offered by funding agencies like UGC, CSIR, ICMR, DST, DBT, etc.

Today there are many specializations such as bacteriology, virology, immunology, applied microbiology, microbial biotechnology, medical microbiology, food and dairy microbiology, veterinary and agricultural microbiology, which are coming up.

List of institutes offering Micro Biology

Institute Website

 ADN Institute of Paramedical Sciences,Nagpur

 AVC College, Mannampandal,Tamil Nadu

 Adhunik Institute of Education and Research,Ghaziabad 

 Amity Institute of Microbial Technology,Noida

 Annamalai University,Chidambara,Tamil Nadu

List of Institutes abroad offering Micro Biology related courses

Institute Website

Heriot watt University Dubai

Career Opportunities

  • Research assistants: Graduates in Microbiology are offered research assistantships in universities and government institutes conducting biological researches.
  • Teaching: If you have passion for academics, you can also start as an Assistant Professor in Micro Biology departments of colleges and universities.
  • Genetic engineering: Another area of work for Micro Biologists is in the field of genetic engineering and molecular biology. These techniques today are used for changing microbes so to make them more efficient for specific products.  For example, insulin, used for diabeties, has been made from genetically engineered bacteria.
  • Lab technicians/ Lab assistants: You can be a lab technician and lab assistant helping doctors and scientists in verifying properties and interpreting various bacteria to be used for medicinal or other research purposes.
  • Testing supervisors: Microbiologists also work as testing supervisors in pharmaceutical and biochemical industries where they research, produce and test products like antiseptics, disinfectants, cosmetics, vitamins, antibiotics and vaccines.
  • Food industry: Microbiologists today are the most sought-after professionals in the food industry where they are wanted for ensuring hygiene standards and inspecting quality of food products.


An undergraduate without much experience usually starts with Rs 5,000-10,000 per month. Postgraduates and doctorates start with Rs 18,000-40,000 a month.

Career Opportunities in Biology (Micro Biology)
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Micro Biology is a vast field that deals with the study of mic