Career Opportunities in Biology (Nutrition)


Nutrition Studies are all about researching the nutritive value of food and understand all its components. The job of a nutritionist is about giving the right advice on eating habits and planning diets.

There are two industries that provide careers in Nutrition today. They are food industry and fitness industry. While nutritionists have always been wanted in hospitals and medical research, they have today carved a special corner for themselves in food, health, beauty and fitness industries.

Personality traits

A person wishing to pursue a career in Nutrition must have extremely niche skill sets. Some skills that such candidates need are:

  • Interest in food/food preparation: Ideal candidates have considerable knowledge of food and its ingredients.
  • Research skills: Since nutritionists also work in hospitals, medical research institutes, they must have excellent research skills.
  • Analytical abilities: Nutritionists working in any industry must have excellent ability to analyze data, facts, proportions etc as  they work closely with people and offer advice on diets, food hygiene, ingredients, quality of food etc.
  • Concern for people: Nutritionists are responsible for vital factors related to food and diets across several sectors. They must  have eye for quality and a genuine concern for the health of people.


While the top two colleges of nutrition in the country, namely Institute of Home Economics, DU and Lady Irwin College take candidates of science and non-science backgrounds, many other institutes prefer a Biology/Home Science/Physics-Chemistry background. You must have any of these subjects during 10+2 or graduation to pursue graduation and post graduation courses in nutrition. However, there are diploma courses offered by many colleges in India. Most of these degree courses are B.Sc/M.Sc or B.HSc/M.HSc. Most colleges offer these programs in Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition and Clinical Diet. 

List of institutes offering Nutrition Courses

Institute Website
 Institute of Home Economics (Delhi University)
 Lady Irwin College, New Delhi
 Sam Higginbotom Institute of Agriculture,  Allahabad,  U.P
 Osmania University- Hyderabad, A.P
 All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health
 University of Mumbai, Fort Mumbai 
 St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam  www.tera
 ShreematiNathibaiDamodarThackersey Women’s  University (SNDT), Mumbai

List of Institutes abroad offering Nutrition related courses

Institute Website

Heriot watt University Dubai

Career Opportunities

After completing a course in Nutrition/ Clinical Diet, one can opt for any of these career choices:

  • Nutritionists: Medical institutes or government affiliated medical facilities need them for research in the quality of food products, several kinds of diets, packaged food, nutritional value and components of food.
  • Clinical Dietitians: They are required for food nutrition services in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and private clinics. Their responsibility is to assess patient nutrition, develop dietary plans, provide patient counseling, and monitor patient's progress.
  • Consultants at fitness centers: Today many nutritionists are also hired by fitness centers, slimming centers and gymnasiums to offer advice of diet and food control to customers.
  • Visiting Consultants in Government Sector: They also work with government hospitals, health departments, schools, colleges, factories and office cafeterias of government offices for planning nutritional regiment.
  • Private Practitioners: Many people do their own practice through opening consultancy or clinics for nutritional advice and diets. Their advice on eating habits, the right type of food, which provides a balanced mixture of the essentials like vitamins, minerals etc, is invaluable.
  • Research scholars: Nutrition graduates may also opt for a career in full-time research. They usually work in universities, research institutes, food manufacturing units and hospitals as research associates or scholars.


The salary in this field usually begins from 10,000 to 25,000 rupees per month depending on the institute one graduates from. However, with more experience and success, people also earn around Rs90,000 per month. 

Career Opportunities in Biology (Nutrition)
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Nutrition Studies are all about researching the nutritive valu