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This career stream is for all those patriots who think that fighting to save the pride of their motherland is their most cherished dream. Army is one of the most important wings of the Indian Defence Force. Had not these army officers taken charge of the land of border areas of the country, the other two wings of the defence forces would have been ineffective.  And what makes this job even more alluring is that Indian army is struggling with an acute shortage of qualified and self-motivated army officers. With over 10,000 job vacancies on offer and lucrative promotional policies, Indian army is all set to be the next big thing. However the last few years have seen a trend wherein Indian army is failing to attract army personnel with “officer-like quality”.

Personality traits

  • Love for one's country
  • Commitment
  • Dedication
  • Perception
  • The will to fight and face hardships in order to protect the nation
  • An alert mind
  • Integrity
  • Physically fit and adaptability to tough living conditions
  • Disciplined and honest
  • A love for adventures and challenges in life.
  • Bold with strong determination.
  • Excellent leadership abilities
  • Dynamic and willingness to take initiatives
  • Ability to establish excellent interpersonal relations            
  • Utmost dedication to the nation and the fearlessness to even sacrifice one’s life if required for the country.

Course / Training

There are basically two entry routes for getting into the Indian Army. The first is at the under graduation level wherein students between 161/2 years to 19 years are eligible to apply. The entrance procedure is extremely stringent and is divided into three stages. In the stage I candidates have to first appear for a written entrance exam that is conducted twice a year in the months of April and September by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The written test is basically an objective type test that comprises two sections. The first section carries questions on mathematical ability where as the second section is further divided into two sub parts namely English and General Ability.

On clearing the written exam, successful candidates are then called for the stage II i.e. the interview stage. Aspirants have to then go through various sessions of interviews, intelligence & personality tests and group discussions conducted by Staff Selection Board. Candidates are also made to appear for various psychometric and psychological tests to test their aptitude and mental toughness.

The stage III consists of an equally strict medical and fitness test conducted by Staff Medical Board. Only after clearing these three stages, a few deserving candidates are selected for getting admitted into NDA.

The second entry route consists of getting through Indian Army by way of the Combined Defence Services Exam (CDSE) that is basically a graduate level examination conducted by UPSC. The stage I of CDSE is a written exam that is basically an objective type test with questions on English, General Knowledge and elementary Mathematics. On clearing the written exam, successful candidates are then called for interview, physical and psychological tests to assess whether they are officer material or not. After clearing this stage, they are then required to appear and clear a thorough medical test.

List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in Indian Navy

Institute Website
National Defence Academy, Pune
Indian Military Academy, Dehradun

Career opportunities

The Indian army is basically segregated in to two categories i.e. combat and non combat officers. The combat personnel are basically the ones who are armed with various fighting equipments and do all the action. They are the ones who are involved in first hand killing of enemies, safeguarding the borders and controlling infiltration of enemies. These combatant forces are further divided into:

  • The Infantry – As part of the infantry, one is responsible to lead a group of soldiers for attacking the enemies and safeguarding land. The work of an infantry soldier is certain to involve a lot of walking as the warfare strategies for these groups generally involve hand to hand combat.
  • The Artillery – As the name suggests, the artillery group involves the use of guns or weapons. The solders in artillery group are responsible to use guns that range up to 30 kilometers. They are expected to learn the tactics of learning how to use guns and surface to surface missiles and ensure maximum damage of the enemies. One can also join as air defence artillery wherein the army soldiers track down their enemies on helicopters.
  • The Armour – Soldiers who fight enemies on tanks form the armour corp.

The non combat group of the Indian army includes officers who join various other departments as engineers, army medical officers, intelligence officers etc.


Army officials can join either in Permanent commission or in short-service commission. In the former, the officials serve Indian army for a minimum duration of at least 20 years and in the latter they serve for a minimum duration of 5 years. Salaries for army officials vary as per their position and the department they are working for. As a matter of fact, the gross salary for a Lieutenant would be approximately Rs. 65000/- per month.

Career Opportunities in Defence (Army)
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