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If you love and understand fashion, silhouettes, textiles, trends, colours etc, we think that fashion industry could certainly be your cup of tea. Fashion industry is a very diverse field that has a plethora of career avenues. There are not only certain clichéd professions that this industry has to offer, but most of the career choices such as accessory designing, fashion stylist, wardrobe designer etc. that will for sure allure the generation of today.

Multi-crore turnover and endless career opportunities make fashion industry a top career choice for people with a creative bent. With numerous success stories to follow, this industry is a pot-boiler for all those hardworking creative souls, who desire quick success in their lives.

Personality Traits 

Creativity and ability to be inventive are the quintessential attributes. For all the aspirants who wish to make a mark for themselves in the field of fashion should start working on the following areas:

  • Ability to express ideas through sketch
  • Ability to visualize
  • Good communication skill
  • An astute business sense
  • A keen sense of observation
  • Good sketching, cutting & drawing skills
  • Ability to creatively use colours, shades & textures
  • Keen desire to follow and lead industry trends


Are you guessing the right time to start with the training for your enrolment  with the fashion industry? The answer is right here. Fashion industry aspirants can enrol themselves into an undergraduate program right after completing their 10+2. For enrolling in to an undergrad course for Fashion Designing, students are first required to clear a written entrance exam, followed by rounds of group discussion (GD) and personal interview (PI). Along with the other routine areas, aptitude test is an important component of the written exam. Aptitude tests are aimed at evaluate students’ sketching and designing skills, their understanding of two and three dimensional spaces and aesthetic sense. The GDs and PIs help assess general and creative abilities of the applicant. After completing undergrad course, the Fashion Designing graduates and graduates from other fields can pursue a post-graduation with specialization in a specific field of fashion. Apart from these regular degree programs, there are various good institutes offering a diploma program in the various areas related to fashion.

List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in Fashion Designing

Institute Website
 National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) -  New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Gandhinagar,  Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Raebareli, Bhopal,  Kannur, Patna, Shillong, Bhubaneswar, Kangra  and  Jodhpur
 National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
 Pearl Academy of Fashion 
 Northern Indian Institute of Fashion Technology,  Mohali
 School of Fashion Technology, Pune
 SNDT Women’s University

List of Institutes abroad offering Fashion Designing related courses 

Institute Website

Heriot watt University Dubai

Amity Dubai Campus

Career opportunities

  • Fashion designer: It is one of the most sought after career choices in this industry. A fashion designer is responsible for sketching, designing and creating fashion garments. A fashion designer is the one who is basically the creator of the fashion garment. He/she conceives ideas, draws inspiration, creates the fashion line and makes the same available to the buyers. This is a highly competitive yet rewarding field that provides the aspirant ample opportunity to venture as an entrepreneur at each stage.
  • Fashion co-ordinator: A fashion co-ordinator decides what garments will be the face of an entire line. They choose the garments that will be used for publicity, photo shoots etc. It is important that the fashion co-ordinator must be extremely good at assessing the future of fashion garment.
  • Fashion consultants: Fashion consultants are the ones who decide the wardrobe for their clients. Assessing the needs of their client, their personal style and the event, fashion consultants decide on the garments, accessories, footwear etc for their celebrity client. 
  • Technical Designer: Technical designer is one of the key persons that help the garment see the light of the day. A technical designer is the pattern maker cum pattern grader cum technical supervisor. The job profile of a technical designer encompasses creating pattern, communicating pattern corrections and details to the vendors placed in domestic and overseas markets.
  • Fashion Forecaster: Believe it or not but the job of fashion forecaster is a demanding and rewarding job in the fashion industry. Fashion forecaster analyses and predicts the fashion trends that are going to rule the domestic and international fashion scene for the season. They also prepare a report on fashion trends for the buyers, designers etc.
  • CAD Designer: CAD personnel are also known as the Computer Aided Designers who use computer programs to create designs, drawings and other renderings for the fashion house.
  • Textile buyer: A textile buyer is always on a look out for the latest textile in fashion and has a keen eye on latest fabric trends in the international market. A textile buyer must have a strong sense and understanding of fabric and is also responsible for procuring the right textile for production.
  • Fashion Journalist: People with a strong understanding of fashion and a keen desire to be in the communication business can opt for a career of a fashion journalist. Fashion journalists are basically responsible for the fashion beat in a newspaper or a magazine. They decode fashion for common people and cover various fashion shows & events and prepare reports on the same.


With increasing yarn and production cost, fashion industry is getting very choosy while picking up fresh talent. Getting through big fashion houses is generally possible by way of internships or training where the fashion intern gets recruited on probation with little allowances. As per the official press release by NIFT, the placements for the students in the year 2013 for their master degree program ranged between 1.68 to 15 lakhs per annum and placements for their bachelor programs ranged between 1.4 to 9 lakhs. Apart from these top fashion houses, fashion graduates also have the option to get recruited and learn under fashion boutiques that are city centric yet extremely popular, wherein they can earn between Rs 15000 – Rs 20,000 per month.

Career Opportunities in Designing (Fashion Designing)
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