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Aeronautical Engineering

Do you remember the time when as kids making paper-airplanes was amongst the first paper art that we had learnt? The sight of just witnessing an aeroplane passing overhead used to bring smiles on the faces of all the kids around. Such is the charm of airplanes. Being amongst the most technologically advance fields of engineering; aeronautical engineering involves the science related to designing and construction of aeroplanes. Aeronautical engineers also work on designing, testing and operating missiles, satellites, space shuttles, hovercrafts and all other machines that fly. This particular field of engineering requires a perfect mixture of scientific knowledge and creativity to help design and make the most modern and striking piece of  modern technological art. This branch of science does not only provide wings to help one’s imagination fly in the space, but is also capable of helping it reach the outer space.

Personality traits

  • One of the foremost skills that are required to be an aeronautical engineer is strong technical and mechanical aptitude. Working with mechanical systems, solving mathematical and circuit related puzzles and other logical problems are amongst the everyday work requirements of an aeronautical engineer.
  • A strong sense of responsibility and an ownership spirit is a must. Being able to work on projects that involve big teams and yet being able to take the onus for successfully taking projects forward is mandatory.
  • Being flexible about work and people is also important. Aeronautical engineers get to work in different areas and with people from cross-cultural segments. Hence being pliable is also one of the requisties.
  • Eye for precision. Since huge money and safety is at stake all the time, therefore aeronautical engineering aspirants must certainly possess an eye for precision.
  • Love for reading so as to be able to keep oneself abreast with the latest in the field of science and technology is also necessary.

Course / Training

In order to become aeronautical engineer, aspirants are first required to clear class XII in science stream. Aspirants are then required to appear for Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) conducted by CBSE for gaining admission into B.Tech in top engineering colleges in the country like IITs, NITs etc and other entrance exams conducted by other private institutions plying at state level and national level. Aspirants can then choose Aeronautics stream as their area of specialization. Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI) conducts an all India level exam twice a year. Anyone who clears this exam is then recognized by the Ministry of Education as a graduate with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from an Indian University. Many also enter this field after completing their BSc in Mathematics or Physics and then pursue M.Tech in Aeronautics at the post graduation level.

List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in Aeronautical engineering

Institute Website
 Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
 Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
 Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
 Indian Institute of Technology, Kharakpur
 Hindustan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chennai
 Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Dehradun
 VSM Institute of Aerospace Engineering, Bangalore
 Nehru college of Aeronautical and Applied Science, Coimbatore

List of Institutes abroad offering Aeronautical Engineering related courses

Institute Website
Amity Dubai Campus

Career opportunities

Aeronautical engineering is amongst the most technologically advanced fields in the area of engineering. Although the Indian Aerospace industry is small as compared to US or countries in Europe, but the good news is that it is growing at a rapid pace. With international aircrafts and global operators planning to open up maintenance, overhaul and repair facilities in India, the engineering job scenario is all set to get exciting in the upcoming future. 

Aeronautical engineers can get placed in government organizations such as Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL), National Aeronautics Labs (NAL), etc. They can also work with the research, designing and development wing of various private airlines. Apart from the opportunities in India, a lot of trained aeronautical engineers settle in countries like Germany, US, France, UK etc for employment.


Salaries of interns who further get employed as junior engineers get a starting remuneration of Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000. Depending on their caliber, aptitude and performance, aeronautical engineers can easily get Rs 80,000 to a lakh per month in a span on 2-3 years.

Career Opportunities in Engineering (Aeronautical Engineering)
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Aeronautical Engineering