Career opportunities in Event Management


An interesting by product of modern day marketing and advertising mix is event management. From 2,800 crore in 2012 to an estimated 4,375 crore in 2014, it is steadily growing at a pace of 20%. Events have been an important part of our human lives in forms of birthday parties, weddings, social gathering etc. Events have also made a way in to our professional lives in forms of meetings, exhibitions, conferences, product launches etc. What makes event management as a profession even grand is its production that now happens on a grand level for events such as award functions, reality shows etc.

Such growth also ensures a very promising future for event management aspirers. Following are the skills required to be a successful event manager -

  • Management skills– A good event manager must have the ability to manage subordinates, clients, business associates, vendors, stress, deadlines etc. in order to conduct a successful event.
  • Public relation skills– An event management aspirant must be a good manager who is able to manage different personalities and get the work done.
  • Marketing skills– Marketing the event well comes in the package. Being a good marketer is pre-essential for running a good event management firm.
  • Networking skills– Event management as an industry thrives and grows on the possessing and expanding personal network.
  • Creative skills– Creatively conceptualising and conducting the event is imperative to beat the stiff competition in the market.
  • Crisis management skills– Being able to manage critical situations with ease is extremely essential.

Top Event Management institutes

  • EMDI Institute of Media & Communication
  • National institute of Event Management
  • College of Event & Media
  • National Academy of Event Management &  Development
Career opportunities in Event Management
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An interesting by product of modern day marketing and advertis