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India has truly gone global and so has the ever growing need of communication. There has been a huge transformation from the time when India was a relatively close economy when the clients were majorly domestic to today when the clients have gone international. With trade links expanding, there is a further change in the way corporates communicate. The need of the time is trained professionals who have good fluency over foreign languages who further help in communicating effectively for smooth business transactions. In addition to proficiency in foreign languages, these professional are also expected to have a fair understanding of the cultures of those countries.

With ever growing opportunities in Indian economy, an increasing number of multinational corporations are now venturing in Indian by way of joint ventures, acquisitions etc. As a result, there is an escalating scientific, cultural and technological exchange taking place which is further making the job of foreign language experts even more exciting. With no dearth of high-paying job opportunities, the future is expected to be quite rewarding for these foreign language experts.

Personality traits

Being self motivated is the key. Unlike other conventional courses wherein a lot of student population is always keen to enroll, there are usually fewer takers for such off beat courses.  Also considering the fact that immediate college placements are relatively high after conventional courses, foreign language courses do not guarantee immediate college placements. Self motivation and perseverance helps foreign language aspirants scale heights in their career. Eagerness to learn about cultures and love for communicating with people of different countries makes the job even more interesting for foreign language experts.

Along with the above mentioned skills, foreign language aspirants also need to have:

  • Efficient and quick social adaptability
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Self confidence
  • Good communication skills
  • Flair for language
  • Extrovert nature
  • Friendly nature

Course / Training

Students have multiple training options. Students can start studying foreign languages from their school times. There are various schools that offer foreign languages as an optional subject at various levels in school. Aspirants can also enroll themselves in a bachelors level course or a diploma course that they can pursue either alongside other conventional courses or individually. After completing their graduation, they can further pursue a post graduate degree course in foreign language.

List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in Foreign Language

Institute Website
School of Languages, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
University of Delhi, New Delhi
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages, New Delhi
Japanese Information and Cultural Centre, New Delhi
Alliance Francasie
Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Chennai
Pune University, Pune
Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce, Mumbai

List of Institutes abroad offering Foreign language related courses

Institute Website

Heriot watt University Dubai

Career opportunities

  • Tour operator – With India becoming a major tourist destination and many foreign tourists planning their vacations in India, tour operators with proficiency is foreign language are highly in demand.
  • Online content writers – Foreign language experts with a flair for writing are often approached by corporate with foreign operations. They write creative promotional material, website content etc for companies with foreign customers.
  • Technical translators – Just like technical writing, foreign language experts do technical writing for corporate.
  • Decoders – Decoders make sense out material in foreign languages for the corporate who hire them.
  • Other job profiles are Interpreters, Academicians, freelancers etc.


Remuneration varies with the job profile and the place of work. For instance, a career in teaching can help a foreign language expert earn a salary ranging between Rs.15000/- p.m to Rs. 30000/- p.m. Those working as translators get paid on the basis of content they get. An interpreter usually gets paid on hourly basis and at present the rate varies from Rs. 800/- to Rs. 1000/- per hour.

Career Opportunities in Foreign language
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