Career Opportunities in Hardware & Networking



One might not notice but the job of hardware networking is very crucial to any organisation today. From the time computers have taken over the traditional forms of recording and doing work, the job of hardware network personnel had gained importance in almost all organisations.

Are you trying to understand what's the job of a hardware networking personnel entails? Let us help you through it! The job of hardware networking personnel basically includes two major job profiles i.e. hardware management and networking. Hardware management in simple words means to keep the computer systems ticking! It entails understanding the anatomy of computers and learning the science of assembling computers for office purposes. One needs to get a hang of various components of a computer like processor, motherboard, RAM etc and keep it going.

Whereas linking various computer systems in an organisation is called networking. The idea is to keep an incessant flow of digital communication in an organisation. The networking personnel also ensure that there is an easy and unremitting flow of files, data, emails etc.

Personality Traits 

An aspirant who dreams of a career in computer hardware and networking must necessarily possess problem analysis and solving skills. This skill set is imperative because as and when the size of the organisation grows, the hardware and networking problems unexpectedly get complicated. Being patient adds to the growth prospects. A hardware and network engineer must be self motivated so as to work ad infinitum towards better hardware and networking solutions. Good technical skills come in the package. With computer technology making inroads to even the most traditional work systems and businesses, the work of a hardware and network manager is getting more pressing not only in big organisations but in smaller set ups too. Therefore a systems engineer has to be extremely flexible as the companies cannot afford ‘no work’ situations and technical hiccups. 

Course / Training

Thinking of pursuing studies in the area of hardware and networks solutions? You will be glad to know that you can start as early as after class 12 exams. Aspirants should have preferentially studied computers as a subject up till class 12. Aspirants who wish to make a career in this field can pursue a diploma in computers and systems management. There are various private institutions that offer diplomas and certificate programs in specific areas in systems management and networking. There are no entrance exams for gaining an admission into such diploma programs.

List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in hardware networking

Institute Website
 Aptech Hardware and Networking Academy
 Jetking Academy
 Institute of Hardware Technology
 HCL Career Development Centre

Career opportunities

There is virtually no organisation that doesn’t have computer systems. And wherever there are computer systems, there is always a requirement of personnel who specialize in hardware networking. Of late hardware networking has emerged as a very high paying field in information technology. Hardware & networking personnel can work as:

  • Network engineer: A network engineer works on managing the day-to-day network needs of the organisations. He also focuses on system upgrades, security testing, evaluating product purchases etc. The name of this profile may sound very alluring; however this job involves a lot of hard work.
  • Systems Engineer: Systems engineer works on managing the day to day systems need. A systems engineer or a systems administrator tends to focus more on setting up the system, repairing the hardware, troubleshooting for any software related problems etc. A systems engineer or administrator also regularly updates the software installed in the computer systems.
  • Network programmer: A network programmer works on creating software or programs that facilitate network monitoring and network analysis.  Network programmers also have to work on installation and integration of third-party networking  softwares.


A young entrant in the field of hardware and network solutions can get employed with an annual package of Rs 2-3 lakhs. However, an experience of 3-4 years and one's personnel capability can help one fetch a package of 10-12 lakhs per annum.

Career Opportunities in Hardware & Networking
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