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We think that a lot of young Indians agree with the statement that ‘a lot can happen over a cup of coffee’. No one could ever imagine the kind of success coffee manufactures and brewing businesses have achieved in a tea drinking country like India. These businesses have not only awakened the country to the habit of drinking coffee but has also managed to create their niche fan following. Such phenomenal growth of coffee brewing industry has also given rise to tremendous career opportunities in the area of coffee brewing.

Personality Traits

Who makes for a good coffee brewer? A simpleton answer for it is someone who loves coffee and shares a passion for brewing the best cup of this finicky drink. Coffee brewing is not making instant coffee out of a packet readily available in the market. It is a process that has the heart and soul of the brewer in it. In a country that is addicted to instant coffee, there is gradual but a vast population that is trying to move away from instant coffee. A good coffee brew master must have a keen interest to learn the art right from the stage of choosing the right set of beans to roasting the beans and concocting that perfect cup of espresso. For a stylish drink like coffee, a coffee brewer must also work in his/her artistic skills, so as to perfect the art of latte art.


There is probably no formal training that happens in the country for coffee brewing. Learning the techniques of coffee brewing usually takes place on the job. It is only slowly and steadily that one learns how to perfect the skill of good coffee making. However, there are a few coffee enthusiasts who have started little initiatives to help common public learn how to make cafe - like coffee at their homes.

However, apart from these small learning outlets offering brewing knowledge there aren’t many private institutes and formal education in the area of coffee brewing in India yet.

List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in Coffee Brewing

The Coffee Coach ( organises regular workshops to help coffee enthusiasts understand the technique of making different types of coffee. These workshops also help one to get acquainted to various machines that assist in good coffee making.

List of Institutes abroad offering related courses in Coffee Brewing

Institute Website

Heriot watt University Dubai

Career opportunities

Here’s a list of jobs on offer in the coffee brewing industry-

  • Coffee brewer: The professionals in this industry say that coffee brewing is not a job but a form of art for them. And also did you know that there are coffee brewing championships that take place at both national and international levels and contestants from all around the world take part in these championships.
  • Coffee connoisseur: A rich experience in the job of coffee brewing and a longing to taste the best and finest coffee can qualify you to be a coffee connoisseur. They are the best critic and an unofficial authority in the business of coffee brewing. Popular coffee parlours and joints offer experienced connoisseur handsome money to help them arrive at the finest and a perfect cup of latte.
  • Coffee chain owner: If you think that you have it in you to start your own coffee brewing business, do not hesitate and just take a go! Unlike the restaurant business, one doesn’t need a hefty investment to start a coffee brewing business.


The remunerations for a fresh coffee master recruit at a cafe can range between Rs 6000 – Rs 8000 per month. However after making a mark in the field of coffee brewing, coffee connoisseurs get hefty pay cheques from corporates and cafes for each consulting and coffee tasting session.

Next Generation Careers (Coffee Brewing)
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