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An interesting by-product of modern day marketing and advertising mix is event management. From Rs.2,800 crore in 2012 to an estimated Rs.4,375 crore in 2014, it is steadily growing at a pace of 20%. Events have been an important part of our human lives in forms of birthday parties, weddings, social gathering etc. Events have also made a way in to our professional lives in forms of meetings, exhibitions, conferences, product launches etc. What makes event management as a profession even grand is its production that now happens on a grand level for events such as award functions, reality shows etc. Such growth also ensures a very promising future for event management aspirers.

Personality Traits 

Following are the skills required to be a successful event manager –

- Management skills: A good event manager must have the ability to manage subordinates, clients, business associates, vendors, deadlines and handle stress, etc. in order to conduct a successful event.

- Public relation skills: An event management aspirant must be a good people manager who is able to manage different personalities and get the work done.

Marketing skills: Marketing the event well comes in the package. Being a good marketer is a pre-essential for running a good event management firm.

Networking skills: Event management as an industry thrives and grows on possessing and expanding personal  network.

Creative skills: Creatively conceptualising and conducting the event is imperative to beat the stiff competition in the  market.

Crisis management skills: Being able to manage critical situations with ease is extremely essential.

Course / Training

Getting through a professional degree or diploma offering institutes for event management doesn’t necessarily require the aspirant to undertake a rigorous preparation for the entrance procedure. All that you require is a little inclination towards events as a career. Most premier institutes that offer undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in event management require one to appear for a personal interview. These personal interviews try to assess the applicant’s orientation and aptitude towards the field of event management. Very rarely do a few institutes take a written exam along with the personal interview. Apart from these degree programmes, there are various diploma programmes that are extremely popular among those interested in the field of event management.

List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in Event Management

Name of the Institute Website
 EMDI Institute of Media & Communication, Mumbai, Indore
 National Institute of Event Management, Mumbai
 National Academy of Event Management  & Development,  Ahmadabad, Mumbai & Jaipur
College of Event & Media, Pune 

List of Institutes abroad offering related courses in Event Management

Institute Website
Amity Dubai Campus

Career opportunities

What make this career field extremely popular are the growth prospects for professionals. With persistent hardwork, effective networking and constant innovation, one can move up the ladder of success in no time.  Following are the job avenues available in the field of event management.

Event Managers: The job profile of an event manager involves managing the entire event. Right from the point of doing pre-event rehearsal, event managers conceptualise the occasion, decide on the floor plan, make necessary arrangements, manage the event and ensure a speedy wind-up once the event is finished.  Event managers are specifically responsible for the success of the event at hand.

Event Coordinators: As the name suggests, their job basically entails coordinating with various stakeholders and agencies on behalf of the event management company. An event coordinator must be able to anticipate project needs, discern work priorities and meet deadlines with little supervision. Event coordinators also manage administration and logistics for the event management company and all the event clients at hand.  

Event consultants: With experience and extremely precise networking, various event managers graduate to become event consultants. They plan special events for special clients. Event management companies and client approach event consultants with specific needs as they specialise in a few or more areas.

Wedding planner: From being a part of the event management industry to an altogether huge industry in itself, the wedding planning business is considered a recession proof industry. In a country that is obsessed with weddings, the wedding planning business is going to witness only growth in the future to come. As a wedding planner, one is responsible to manage, organise and successfully handle the entire wedding celebrations.

- Entrepreneur: With little experience and funds at hand, young entrants are increasingly moving towards starting their own event management firms. For all those out there who have an inkling towards events and a passion to become young successful entrepreneurs, this industry is your calling.


From as little as Rs 10,000 per month to over Rs 2000 per day, the event industry is unpredictable in its own way. What each individual earns depends on his/her skills. On an average Rs 10,000 – Rs 15,000 is the average salary for a start up professional in big cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc.

Next Generation Careers (Event Management)
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