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If you are one of those who think “food is life” and you love tasting cuisines from around the world, this career option is the one for you. Food connoisseur is someone who is a gastronomy expert and has a penchant of tasting and eating good food. It is like a dream job for a foodie! It can’t get better for food lovers if they get paid to taste scrumptious and gorgeous cuisines from around the word.

Personality traits

To be a good food connoisseur one needs to have -

  • Love for food: A connoisseur’s love for food should be such that they must be ready to experiment with different cuisines. Along with this, they must have a bold and adventurous palate. A food connoisseur must exercise their palate with different flavours and be able to record impressions and understand nuances of different flavours each time they eat out. A food connoisseur must have zest to experiment with different flavours and gourmet.
  • Understanding of the food and restaurant business: It is imperative for food connoisseurs to educate themselves about this industry and its workings from top to bottom. This will help them better assess and evaluate the various aspects of behind-the-scene operations.
  • Excellent writing skills: A food connoisseur should be able to beautifully use his writing skills to review his experiences while tasting cuisines. A connoisseur can also start with going through the works of other critics and chefs.                                      

Course / Training

An aspiring food connoisseur should try to work on his language skills. A majors in hotel management would be beneficial as it will help them critically evaluate the food and point errors. Also it is important for food connoisseurs to get themselves acquainted to cuisines from around the world. Such a gastronome experience will help connoisseurs gain an exposure to world cuisines and allow them to critically evaluate food from chefs around the world.

List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in food and hotel management

Here is a list of institutes to pursue a degree in hotel management.

Institute Website
 Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology    and Applied Nutrition
 Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad
 Welcome group Graduate School of Hotel    Administration, Manipal
 Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development, Delhi
 Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management,  Chandigarh 

List of Institutes abroad offering related courses in food and hotel management

Institute Website

Heriot watt University Dubai

Career opportunities

Along with pursuing the passion of being a food connoisseur, one can simultaneously plan a career in following areas too! 

  • Food and Beverage Consultant: A food connoisseur can use his/her vast experience to help restaurants and hotels design their menus and offer better food solutions to their target client base.
  • Food Bloggers / Food columnist: Food lovers are usually keen to read about the experience of connoisseurs while tasting gourmet dishes from various parts of the world. Connoisseurs can expand their opportunity to earn from such blogs, magazines and newspapers by merely sharing their experience.
  • Food Critic: Food connoisseurs are always critical about the food they taste. Why not charge remuneration for giving an honest opinion about the food one just tasted? A job of a food critic also entails helping the food chefs improve their recipes. 


Being an off-beat career choice, the salaries that food connoisseur earn from their knowledge sharing usually varies from person to person depending upon their experience and networking skills. Connoisseurs charge moolah ranging from a few thousands to lakhs per assignment, solely depending on the above mentioned criteria.

Next Generation Careers (Food Connoisseurs)
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