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Not all people are born with perfect and chiselled looks. Not even all celebrities are as perfect as they look on screen. None of us is unfamiliar to the magic that make-up artists create both on screen and off screen! In the last decade make up artistry has emerged as a very high paying profession. Who doesn’t like dressing up and looking good! Make-up artists help all those who desire beauty achieve that perfect look each time they use the services of makeup artists.

Make-up artistry as a profession does not require any specialised educational knowledge; all that a make-up artist requires is necessary professional training and a lot of practice. With almost no / little investment, makeup artists can work on their craft.

Personality Traits

  • Good communication skills
  • Patience and stamina
  • Ability to work for long hours at a stretch
  • Creativity and penchant for perfection
  • A steady hand
  • Ability to do different makeup according to different kinds of moods/requirements
  • Eagerness to stay abreast with changing times


A make-up artist aspirant needs to undergo training sessions that usually last between 1 –3 months. The idea is to acquaint and train oneself for the professional world. Make-up artists may choose to undergo various advance make-up courses in order to be updated with ever changing market.

List of Institutes for degree/diploma courses in Makeup artistry

Institute Website
VLCC Institute
Ambika Pillai
Pearl Academy of Fashion
Lakme Training Academy
L’Oreal Academy

Career opportunities

  • TV/film industry: The need to look perfectly in sync with the character being portrayed on screen has made make-up services a mandatory requirement for any production to succeed. Media make-up has become a specialised field that will continue to have the potential to absorb newer talent who have the capacity to work during odd hours and wish to rake in big moolah.
  •  Private beauty salons: One of the most traditional areas of employment for make-up artists are these private beauty salons. A lot of persistence, patience, precision and hard work is sure to make local / area-level makeup artists a hero of their area. A lot of top make-up artists in the country who have made a name for themselves in the national and international fashion circuits started working with private beauty salons and eventually through doggedness have excelled in their fields.
  • Entrepreneurs: Make-up artistry is the easiest field for young professionals to launch themselves as entrepreneurs. With little money and a lot of experience, young makeup artists can start their own makeup studios and write their own success story.
  • Freelancers: The wish to work on one’s own will and an ever increasing demand of make-up artists in the market has made a lot of make-up artists to take up freelancing as their career. With no dearth of good work in this industry, freelance make up artistry is surely a lucrative choice for all those free willed make-up artists in the country.
  • Makeup Trainers: Along with working in their own respective areas, experienced make-up artists can also become trainers who impart necessary training to the budding make-up artists. A lot of big names in the business like Ambika Pillai, Vidya Tikari, Samantha Kochchar etc are renowned make-up trainers charging hefty money for each makeup session.


The start in this field may seem slow for young entrants, but good work gains quick recognition from clients. The starting salary might range between Rs 8000 – Rs 12000, but with an experience of a couple of years, earning almost double or triple the amount is not difficult.

Next Generation Careers (Make-up artistry)
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