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Is your favourite hangout point Facebook too? Facebook and other social networking website not only act as a social platform where friends and acquaintances meet but is an important place where a lot of promotion and search engine optimization happens. These social networking sites have a lot more than what just meets the eye. Did it ever come to your mind that earning lots of moolah is possible just by writing blogs and posts on social networking sites? Relatively new, but the field of Social Media Optimization (SMO) is fast picking up!

Personality Traits 

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills: It is imperative for an SMM manager to be extremely fluent with  communication. Being able to carry out social media campaigns with ease is the sole objective. With the SMM manager representing the company on various social media platforms, the scope to commit error is very minimal.
  • Needs to be creative and must think out of the box: Innovative thinking and working on newer ways to generate buzz for client is what makes  SMM managers stand out. Being able to carry out campaigns that ensure better branding of the client on various social media platforms is the need of the hour.
  • Risk taking appetite: Mettle to take calculated risks that in all probability will generate extensive positive engagement on various social media platform is the key trait of a futuristic SMM manager. Being able to experiment with newer techniques will for sure reap better growth prospects.
  • Ability to sense audience nerves: What’s playing on the audiences’ mind needs to be on SMM manager’s dashboard. One needs to be quick to respond to the need of the time so as to optimise social media performance.
  • Great sense of humour: Being able to add a little fun to the everyday social media engagement can spice up the entire experience of both the SMM manager and the audiences

Course / Training

Thinking of starting a career in Social Media Marketing (SMM)? Here is the course/training guide to the same.

It is first important to acquaint yourself with terms like blogging, RSS feed, social networking jargons etc. This will enable you to quickly absorb important concepts and help in easy understanding.

Next it is important to start working towards establishing your own online presence. Start with navigating through various social networking websites such as Linkedin, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Quora etc. Try to understand that how each of these social networking websites functions in order to understand how other people use it.

Start writing blogs in order to help people know you and your area of understanding. Try to undertake a few courses in SMM and keep patience. Continue to innovate in order to create your own brand.

List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in SMM Training

Name of Institute Website
NIIT Imperia
 Digital Vidya
 SEO Training Academy
 Expert Traning Institute
 EMDI Institute of Media &  Communication,  Mumbai, Indore
 SEO Training Point
 SEO Mind Spot
 Canny Turtle
 IMRI Internet & Mobile Research  Institute
 WMA India Web Marketing Academy 

Career opportunities

The career scene after Social Media optimisation course is a lot exciting. Following are the probable work profiles:

  •  Social Media Manager: There are a lot of vacancies for managers who can optimise the company’s social media presence. These social media managers get employed by the companies on a full time basis where in they are responsible for formulating and putting into action the social media plans.

  • Freelancer: Just like social media managers work in house, these freelancers work outside the company on a contractual basis.

  • Blogger: Opportunity is always open for SMMs to work as full-time and part-time bloggers.

  • Social Media Strategist:  One can also work as a strategist who specialises in preparing innovative promotional plans. The work profile entails just delivering out of the box social media engagement plans.


To be honest sky is the limit. As soon as one picks up the requisite knowledge and skills related to social media promotion, deciding on how much one wishes to earn is in one’s own hands. In the training period one can earn anything between Rs 12,000-15,000. However with a little experience the salaries can multiply quickly.

Next Generation Careers (SMO)
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