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VFX... Lesser known but a fast emerging field of special effects is making a mark not just in Hollywood but in our very own Indian film industry too. When the audience see Krrish – the super hero jumping from one mountain to another and cars crashing in an action scene in Agent Vinod, don’t think that it was happening for real. This is the magic of VFX where even the world can be projected upside down with ease.

Though the VFX industry may seem at a nascent stage, movies like Ra.One and Robot crossing the 100 crore mark and Hollywood action movies are tasting the sweet taste of success in India too. It seems the Indian audience are ready for Special Effects.

Personality Traits

  • Out-of-box-thinking: If you think that creativity oozes from each cell of your body then this is the industry for you. A VFX person is expected to paint a picture that never even existed!
  • Good story teller: A VFX person has to be extremely good at conceptualising and narrating stories.  The film or a sequence that is reproduced on screen is nothing more but a fragment of a VFX person’s creativity.
  • Patient: Even a minute of VFX could take a lot of time to get completed. Therefore an impatient person can never make a good VFX producer.
  • Penchant for perfection: Longing for perfection should be such that the audience should experience a real-life illusion.
  • Good at computers: Softwares and computers is where your heart should lie.


One has to go through a rigorous training of 17-24 months to be a VFX artist. Most of the institutes that offer a course in VFX usually do not conduct any entrance exam. Students can enrol themselves in to such institutes after appearing for a simple round of personal interview. VFX courses are highly technical courses that require a lot of practice. Through the course training students are expected to gain proficiency in softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Mocha, Fusion, Autodesk 3dsmax, Autodesk Mudbox, Nuke and lots more. Since these softwares are highly technical, students are therefore expected to put in a lot of labour in order to achieve precision and flair.

Apart from these elaborate courses, there are also a lot of short term animation and VFX courses that are offered by institutes aimed to address the short term, immediate needs of the students. However, it is advised that one should pursue a comprehensive and detailed VFX course in order to get oneself acquainted to all the aspects of VFX production.

List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in VFX

Institute Website
 Arena Animations  www.arena-
 Maya Academy of Advance Cinematics  (MAAC)
 Apeejay Institute of Design
 Picasso Animation College
 Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA)
 Whistling Woods International Institute

Career opportunities

With every single Bollywood and Hollywood movie using VFX, the industry is huge! Also what makes the prospects even more enticing is that this industry is expected to see unprecedented growth in times to come. Here’s a look at a few employment avenues for VFX artists.

  • Film industry: Could anyone even imagine that there was no tiger while filming the Oscar winning movie “Life of a Pie”! This is how creative a VFX artist can get. There is a huge demand for good VFX artists in the film industry. So if you have that creative bone in you that is tickling, just give films a try.
  • Gaming industry: Do you love playing games on your tablet or are you hooked on to your PlayStation? The fact is that video games are no more just a boy’s thing. Gaming industry as of today is magnanimous and what the future holds for it is something beyond our imagination. Good VFX artists are always in demand in the gaming industry.
  • Freelancing: Television, media houses, educational programming, websites etc. There is a plethora of freelance work that is available in the market. Freelancing is a good choice for all those self motivated VFX artists who think that variety is the spice of life.


Fresh VFX graduates usually get absorbed in the industry as interns. It is only after the experience of a few months or may be a year that they are offered a job. The starting salaries for VFX interns range between Rs. 10000 to Rs 12000.

Next Generation Careers (VFX)
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