Georgia State

Georgia is home to Coca Colaheadquarters, apart from being home to 15 Fortune 500 companies and 26 Fortune 1000 companies. Located in the Southeastern United States, it is the last of the original 13 colonies named after King George II of the Great Britain. Georgia is the 24th most extensive and 8th most populous of the 50 states. It is also known as the Peach State and the Empire State of the South.


The climate here is mainly humid subtropical climate. The highest temperature ever recorded is 112 °F (44.4 °C) in Louisville on July 24, 1952 and the lowest is −17 °F (−27.2 °C) in northern Floyd County on January 27, 1940. Georgia is one of the leading states in the frequency of tornadoes.


Since 2008, at least 14 of the state’s counties have been ranked among America’s 100-fast growing counties. Companies such as Coca Cola, Home Depot, UPS, Delta Air Lines, A flac, Southern Company and SunTrust Banks have their headquarters in Georgia. Its GDP in 2013 is $403,100 million. If Georgia were a country, its economy would be 28th largest in the world.

The major industries include communications, industry, transportation, tourism, and government. Atlanta has been the site of growth in real estate, service, tourism and the communications industries.


Georgia State has 70 public colleges, universities, and technical colleges in addition to over 45 private institutes of higher learning. Among Georgia's public universities is the flagship research university, University of Georgia that is also the oldest public university in the US. The presiding body over public education system in Georgia is The University System of Georgia. Interestingly, there is the HOPE Scholarship, whichis funded by state lottery.

The top 10 universities/colleges in Georgia are:

University/College US News and World Report Rank Tuition Fee
Emory University, Atlanta National Universities #20 $44,008
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta National Universities # 36 $29,954
University of Georgia, Athens National Universities  #60 $28,472
Mercer University, Macon Regional Universities #8 $33,120
Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville Regional Universities #29 $26,690

Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw

Valdosta State University, Valdosta

Regional Universities #69

Regional Universities, #69



University of West Georgia, Carrollton Regional Universities #89 $19,414
Spelman College, Atlanta National Liberal Arts Colleges #65 $24,634
Agnes Scott College, Decatur National Liberal Arts Colleges #89 $34,788
Morehouse College, Atlanta National Liberal Arts Colleges #126 $25,460


Salaries The MBA Class of 2012 graduated from Emory University earned an average base salary of $103,453. A Georgia Tech degree usually earns graduates an average of $1,111,000.

Georgia State
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Georgia is home to Coca Colaheadquarters, apart from being home to 15 Fortune 500 com