How a Master’s from US,unlike India,makes you a brand!

NAME an industry. And name the biggest brands. Most likely they are American. Food - McDonalds. Cars - Ford. Phones - iPhone. Electric Appliances - General Electric.. Search Engine – Google. Social Networking – Facebook. University- Stanford University

The United States has thousands of colleges and universities that are known for their quality education offering numerous masters’ programs with enough flexibility.

About 17 of the world’s best 20 universities are American with MIT and Harvard topping the list for many years and now the newest topper being California Institute of Technology. More than 130 American universities are among the best 400 universities of the world. And there’s more.

But what exactly happens in India? None of the Indian universities, including Delhi University, the IITs and IIMs, features among the top 200 universities of the world. Most of them do not provide a cosmopolitan environment of learning. And very few really encourage research. Two, the seats in the IITs, IIMs are so limited that you need exceptional skills to make it there.

World’s influential people are graduates from the US: It is estimated that about 70% of significant and profitable positions in government, non-profit agencies, and private enterprise worldwide are held by people with American graduate degrees. A master’s degree from a US university automatically elevates your rank in the job market. Check this out –PepsiCo India Chief Indra Nooyi is an alumnus of Yale School of Management and among the 100 most powerful women in the world. Google’s senior vice president and chief business officer is an Indian named Nikesh Arora who studied in Boston College.  At least 75 Nobel Prize winners have been Harvard University alumni such as Ratan Naval Tata, David Rockfeller, Stephen Cook, John F Kenedy to name a few. Most important, did you know that Barack Obama studied in Columbia University and Harvard Law School?

Alumni control: Approximately, alumni make up 63% of the boards of the top 100 US universities, both public and private. So how does it help? Generally more alumni control on the board means higher ranking, increased selectivity and a larger endowment. Alumni donate generously to research and are more interested in encouraging students. This increases industry interaction and helps students shape their future right from the campus. For instance, world’s best engineering institute the Massachusetts Institute of Technology elects an alumnus from the graduating class every year to MIT corporation – which is the board of trustees for the institute. Stanford’s School of Engineering recently launched an innovation program, funded by alumni and industry experts, has included an Indian Anshuman Sahoo as a research scholar. The Tuck School of Business has the highest rate of Alumni donation of any business school that helps fund research programs to professors and students. 

Best education system: Worldwide, the education system in the US has been recognized as the best for many reasons. A US university will offer education that is focused on governance and innovation. All US universities are funded by big corporate brands and controlled by Alumni who encourage professors and students for research and innovation. A Master’s from a US university changes your entire perspective towards learning and trains you for a global exposure.

US is affordable: Quite a lot of Indian students do not opt for master’s degree from the US after calculating the cost of education and living expenses. Of course, now that the rupee is falling every day, a US education will any day be costlier than Indian. But here’s how it becomes affordable. Almost 78% of students at the Master’s level in US universities get funding in some form or the other. They offer many scholarship programs or Master’s degree courses in exchange for services. A student can opt for a Teaching Assistantship, Research Assistantship or Graduate Assistantship. For instance, your living expenses will be around $250 per month. Assuming the basic salary of $5.15 per hour, you will earn around $420. This amounts to a saving of $170 per month.That way, you can begin to pay off the education loan even while studying. While in India, the entire loan is due on you till the final semester of your degree and you can begin to pay it off only after you get a job through placement.

Jobs in US: The US government allows students to work on specific visas after finishing their Master’s degrees. In addition, even while working, the students have the chance to earn a Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships etc to pay off their current expenses or loan. Even if a student did not get a TA/RA, a US Master’s gets him a job that gives him not only the means to pay off his debt but also an international work experience.

A Master’s degree from one of the US universities is the best thing that can happen to you. Shed your inhibitions and find out your relevant courses.

How a Master’s from US,unlike India,makes you a brand!
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NAME an industry. And name the biggest brands. Most likely they are American. Food -