Massachusetts State

Massachusetts is home to 13 Fortune 500 companies and two of the top 10 universities of the world. Officially called the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the state is in the New England region of the United States bordered by Rhode Island and New Hampshire. The Atlantic Ocean is on its East. It is the 7th smallest but the 14th most populous state in the US.


Massachusetts enjoys a humid continental climate with warm summers and cold and snowy winters. It receives about 50 inches of rain annually.

Its average high temperatures in July reach above 80 °F. 


Massachusetts has the nation's sixth highest GDP per capita. Its GDP in 2013 is $377,700while GDP per capita is $ 58,108. As many as 13 Fortune 500 companies are located in Massachusetts, the largest of which are the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group of Boston and Mass Mutual Financial Services of Springfield.

Major industries in Massachusetts are higher education, biotechnology, finance, health care, and tourism. In recent years tourism and higher technology have also played a key role in its economy.


Massachusetts houses world’s second best the Harvard University and 7th best the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In addition, several other universities consistently rank in the top 40 at the national level in the US News and World Report ranking, including Tufts University, Boston College and Brandeis University. Its biggest public university is University of Massachusetts, known as UMass.

The top universities of Massachusetts are :

University/College US News and World Report Rank Tuition Fee
Harvard University, Cambridge National Universities #2 $42292
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge National Universities #7 $43,498
Tufts University, Medford National Universities #28 $46,598
Boston College, Chestnut Hill National Universities #31 $45,622
Brandeis University, Waltham National Universities #32  ---------
Boston University, Boston National Universities #41 $44,910
Northeastern University, Boston National Universities #49 $41,686
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester National Universities #62 $42,778
Clark University, Worcester National Universities #75 $39,550
University of Massachusetts, Amherst National Universities #91 $27,974


Harvard Business School graduates are among the highest paid MBAs in the world with average salary being $180,000. It has been predicted in the Harvard University seniors survey that an average Harvard graduate would earn an average salary of $70,000. At MIT, the average salary of a graduate is  $66,874 while a Master of Science pass-out gets paid $77,458. A Master of Arts student at Boston Colleges starts with an average of $46,000.

Massachusetts State
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Massachusetts is home to 13 Fortune 500 companies and two of the top 10 universities