Michigan State

Domino’s Pizza was born in Michigan. Standing by its name that means ‘large water’, Michigan State is in the Great Lakes regions of the Midwestern United States. It is the ninth most populous state of the US, and has the 11th most extensive total area. The most vital geographical fact of Michigan is that it is the only state that has two peninsulas – the Lower and the Upper Peninsula. 


Michigan enjoys a continental climate however with much variation. While the South and Central parts of the Lower Peninsula have warmer climate, its North and the entire of Upper Peninsula have severe climate and long winters. The state averages from 30–40 inches of precipitation annually, however some areas in the northern Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula average almost 160" of snowfall per year.


Michigan has an interesting Economy fact. It is the third leading grower of Christmas Trees with 60,520 acres (245 km2) of land dedicated to Christmas tree farming. Michigan’s GDP in 2013 is $372,400.

The major products and services in Michigan are food products, information technology, aerospace, military equipment, furniture, and mining of copper and iron ore.


Michigan has a number of public universities and private colleges spread throughout the state. Michigan State University has the 8th largest campus population of any U.S. school. Seven of the state's universities - Central Michigan University, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Michigan Technological University, Oakland University, Wayne State University and Western Michigan University - are classified as research universities by the Carnegie Foundation.

The top 10 universities in the state of Michigan are :

University/College US News and World Report Rank Tuition Fee
University of Michigan, Ann Harbor National Universities # 28 $40,496
Michigan State University, East Lansing National Universities #73 $33,750
Michigan Technological University, Houghton National Universities #117 $28,608
Wayne State University, Detroit National Universities Rank not published $25,768
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo National Universities #181 $24,109
Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant National Universities #190 $23,670
Oakland university, Rochester Hills National Universities Rank not published $25,477
Grand Valley State University, Allendale Regional Universities #30 $15,114
Ferris State university, Big Rapids Regional Universities #62 $15,607
Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti Regional Universities #77 $24,592


The top Michigan University -University of Michigan, Ann Harbor- usually leads when it comes to graduate salaries. In 2012, graduates of Computer-Software/Internet bagged an average package of $60,000-$90,000; Consulting: $55,000-$85,000 and Healthcare/Pharma graduates earned $60,000-$80,000. In the same year, the college of Engineering Wayne State University graduates received average starting salaryof $62,655 while Michigan State University graduates earned $55,343 as average starting salary.

Michigan State
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Domino’s Pizza was born in Michigan. Standing by its name that means ‘lar