New York State

New York State, significant for many reasons, is situated in the Northeastern region of the United States. It is the third most populous, seventh most densely populated and 27th most extensive state in the US. New York is bordered by New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the south, and by Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermontin the east.

New York is where the commercial toilet paper was invented and is home to America’s longest continuously published paper called The New York Post. It also houses New York City- the most highly populous city in the United States.


New York State generally has a humid continental climate. The summers are cool in the Adirondacks, Catskills and higher elevations of the Southern Plateau. The winters are long and cold in the Plateau Divisions of the state. In the majority of winter seasons, a temperature of −13 °F (−25 °C) or lower can be expected in the northern highlands (Northern Plateau) and 5 °F (−15 °C) or colder in the southwestern and east-central highlands (Southern Plateau).


New York State’s GDP is larger than that of the entire country of Australia. The GDP in 2010 was $1.16 trillion, ranking third in size behind the larger states of California and Texas. If New York were an independent nation, it would rank as the 16th largest economy in the world behind Turkey.

The major industries in New York are printing and publishing, scientific instruments, electric equipment, machinery, chemical products and tourism. Its agricultural outputs are dairy products, cattle and other livestock, vegetables, nursery stock, and apples.


The University of State of New York oversees all public primary, middle-level, and secondary education in the state, while the New York City Department of Education manages the public school system in New York City. New York State is home to many top ranking universities of the world.

The Top 10 universities of New York State are as follows :

University/College US News and World Report Rank Tuition Fee
Columbia University, New York National Universities #4 $49,138
Cornell University, Ithaca National Universities #16 $45,359
New York University, NY National Universities #32 $44,848
University of Rochester, Rochester National Universities #32 $45,372
Rensselaer Institute of Polytechnic, Troy National Universities #41 $46,269
Yeshiva University, New York National universities  #47  $37,600
Fordham University, New York National Universities #57 $43,577
Syracuse University, Syracuse National Universities #62 $40,458
Stony Brook University, Stony Brook National Universities #82 $19,924
Buffalo University, State University of New York National Universities #109 $18,609
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester Regional Universities #7 $34,424


The New York University Stern MBA Class of 2012 had bagged an impressive range of salaries with consulting stream bagging a base salary between $71,000-$140,000; Media/Entertainment Technology between $50,000-$140,000; Private Equity/Venture capital between $60,000-$125,000. The College of Engineering at Cornell University had an average salary package of $64,300 last year whileRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
had the average salary of $60,000.

New York State
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New York State, significant for many reasons, is situated in the Northeastern region