US is the king of education: The top ten factors!

The United States has always been the indisputable king of foreign education for years. What makes it so hot? Check out the top ten reasons that make the US the biggest brand in education. 

1.Best education system : Worldwide, the education system in the US has been recognized as the best due to its focus on governance and innovation. All US universities are funded by big corporate brands who encourage professors and students for research and innovation. Like Wharton School of Business has a major share of alumni funds. Even government agencies like National Science Foundation offers more than $7 billion worth of federal funding on about 12,000 research proposals to US universities. University of California received $360 million annual grant from NSF between 2008 and 2012 or Purdue University has been receiving $196 million annually from NSF.In 1979, the John L. and Helen Kellogg Foundation gave $10 million to Northwestern University’s graduate school and the school became Kellogg Graduate School.

2. Variety of streams : There are so many courses, universities and programs available for international students. Many Indians go to the US since they cannot find fields of their interest in India. There is no such dearth in the US.For example, an Indian wanting to pursue MS can choose from streams such as financial engineering, mathematical finance, engineering technology management, criminal justice, forensic science, information technology, international business, global medicine, finance and so on.

3. World’s influential people are graduates from the US: It is estimated that about 70% ofsignificant and profitable positions in government, non-profit agencies, and private enterprise worldwide are held by people with American graduate degrees. A master’s degree from a US university automatically elevates your rank in the job market.Nagpur-born VikramPandit did his MBA from Columbia University and went on to become the CEO of Citibank Group. The Current dean of Harvard University is a Mumbai-born NitinNohria who is an alumnus of MIT Sloan School of Management.Warren Buffet is a Columbia Business School pass-out. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, received an architecture degree and a bachelor’s degree in science from MIT. Morgan Stanley vice chairman William Strong and Goldman Sachs, India CEO Vijay Karnani are Kellogg School of Management Alumni. The list just goes on.

4. Alumni control: Approximately, alumni make up 63% of the boards the top 100 US universities, both public and private. More alumni control on the board means higher ranking, increased selectivity and a larger endowment. Alumni donate generously to research and are more interested in encouraging students.Anil Ambani - alumnus of Wharton School - is a member of the Board of Overseers at the institute. In 2011, Harvard University received $32,012,729,000 as endowment.

Financial Aids: Most US universities offer teaching or research assistantships to international students based on their merits. They get either stipends or partial or full tuition fee waivers.N Satish, a professor at University of Michigan received a grant of $538,671 in 2012 by National Science Foundation. Since Professors like him get such endowment, they offer assistantships to students.

6. Jobs in US: US government allows students to work on specific visas after finishing their Master’s degrees. While most students receive teaching/research assistantships of as much as $400 per month, even if they don’t, they get picked up by the biggest companies of the world. In 2012, Wharton graduates who accepted full-time employment earned an average base salary of $66,916, with an average signing bonus of $8,732 and a projected average annual bonus of $28,756. The US government offers Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT)and allows undergraduate and graduate students with F-1 status to work for one year on a student visa.

7. Flexibility: While the US education system is logically structured, if offers a good scope of studying cross-fields. For instance, a student pursuing architecture can also opt for creative writing or the one pursuing the liberal arts can take subjects like Math or language classes.

8. Student support services: You have to see it to believe that the US has student support services for international students right at the campus. They provide a number of valuable services like orientation programfor international students, handling queries regarding visas, scholarships, accommodation, employment possibilities etc.

9. Campus life: Imagine a campus where your peers are from the US, UK, Thailand, China etc. US universities are truly global and provide an exceptional learning environment through research, study tours, industry visits, camps and conferences of international level. 

10. Technology: US education is technology-savvy. You will get an environment of live video lectures from corporate giants, online campus communities, wi-fi campus and what not. Don't forget Facebook was born at Harvard University and Google at Stanford University. 

If you are considering foreign education, the US should be your ideal choice.

US is the king of education: The top ten factors!
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The United States has always been the indisputable king of foreign education for year