US Student Life : Daily Routine of an Indian Student

Rahul Rajawat hails from Lucknow. He is an engineering graduate who is pursuing his Masters in Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business Duke University in Burham. Lets check out his daily routine.

Walk and breakfast : Rahul wakes up at 6 am to go for a jog. He comes back at 6.45 am and cooks paratha- actually had bought a pack of frozen parathas from an Indian supermarket last weekend. By 7.45 am he is ready to go to his school.

Teaching : He teaches Physics Basics to an undergraduate Chinese student at the university campus for an hour i.e from 8 to 9 am everyday. He earns around $5 an hour. That makes for 6 hours per week, so he earns $120 per month.

Classes : Rahul has two back-to-back classes between 9 and 11 am of Marketing Principles and Entrepreneurship. Since he has half an hour to spare before his 11.30 am class, he makes sure he uses that time to talk to senior students like Keerthi Kanchanapally who had launched and led a fellowship to create an immersion experience for young people. This senior was a consultant at Ashoka Foundation before coming to Fuqua. Rahul likes to network.  

Library : After having his lunch at 12.30 pm at the School’s Cafetaria, he has another hour to kill before the next class. So he uses that time to visit the library where he gets a 24-hour Internet connectivity. He prepares his notes and watches last week’s lectures on his college website, for review and notes. He also uses this time to watch the lectures he missed.

Mentored Study Program: Since Rahul has opted this, he works with a few other students on the Effect of Social Media Marketing under the guidance of Professors like Wilfred Amaldoss and Dan Areily. This ends at 4.30 pm.  

Research Assistantship : Rahul Rajawat is in a research project team under an Indian professor. He works in his Faculty Office between 5 and 7 pm every day with 10 other students. He earns $5.16 per hour from Monday to Friday at the lab as Research Assistant. He makes about $206 every month.

Dinner : Unlike his Indian roommate Subhash, Rahul likes to cook his own dinner at 7.30 pm as he is a vegetarian and most affordable restaurants offer mostly non-vegetarian food. He had packed a ration of 6 months while leaving India in July this year. So he usually cooks Toor Daal and Rice and uses his Indian pickle to eat with his frozen parathas. He has his dinner at about 8.30 pm.

Outing : Subhash and Rahul go out to hang out with some Americans in the neighbourhood at a beer shop around 9 pm and come back by 10. Rahul studies for an hour and sleeps around 12.

Weekend : Duke University has several fun activities for its students and Rahul never misses a thing. He is part of a Basketball club, which is one of the 400 student clubs in the campus. The club recent did a Campout of 36 hours. On Sundays, Rahul and Subhash often go into Durham City. They have seen several gardens, zoos and museums. Next week, they are going for a hike with a bunch of American students at The Duke. 

US Student Life : Daily Routine of an Indian Student
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Rahul Rajawat hails from Lucknow. He is an engineering graduate who is pursuing his M