Virginia State

Virginia is nicknamed as the ‘Mother of Presidents’ since at least eight US Presidents were born here. Also known as the Old Dominion, Virginia is located in the South Atlantic region of the United States.


Virginia’s climate is a mix of warm and humid. It gets warmer and more humid towards the South and East while seasonal extremes vary from average lows of 26 °F (−3 °C) in January to average highs of 86 °F (30 °C) in July. The East and Southeast of Virginia are influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and its weather is subject to hurricanes. Virginia has an annual average of 35–45 days of thunderstorm activity.


Interestingly, Virginia State enjoys the status of Employment-at-will. However, there are quite a few industries that dominate its economy. They are local and federal government, military, farming and business. Virginia has 4.1 million civilian workers, and one-third of the jobs are in the service sector. The GDP of Virginia in 2013 is $427,700 million.


There are 176 colleges and universities in Virginia. Its educational system consistently ranks in the top ten states on the US Department of Education’s National Assessment of Educational Progress. In fact, the 2011 Quality Counts report ranked Virginia's K–12 education the fourth best in the country.

The George Mason University is the largest university in Virginia with over 32,000 students. Virginia Tech and Virginia State University are the state's land-grant universities. The state also has 23 community colleges on 40 campuses serving over 260,000 students.

The top 10 universities/colleges of Virginia are:

University/College US News and World Report Rank    Tuition Fee
University of Virginia, Charlottesville National Universities #23 $39,844
The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg National Universities #32 $37,852
Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg National Universities #69 $25,320
George Mason University, Fairfax National Universities #141 $28,592
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond National Universities #167 $28,861
Old Dominion University, Norfolk National Universities Rank Not Published $24,480
James Madison University, Harrisonburg Regional Universities #6 $23,654
Radford University, Radford Regional universities #32 $20,745
Liberty University, Lynchburg Regional Universities #89 $20,892
Washington and Lee University, National Liberal Arts Colleges #14 $44,507


The average annual base salary for the graduates of the University of Virginia in 2012 was $61,022.  The College of William and Mary recorded the average starting salary for a bachelor's degree candidate in Computer Science to be  $64,000 while for a master's degree candidate it was $73,700 in 2012.  

Virginia State
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Virginia is nicknamed as the ‘Mother of Presidents’ since at least eight